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There is a thread between us,
Taut with fate, red as blood.
A push & pull,
Attraction, rejection.
But I think we’re wrong
For each other.
I am the hart and you are the hunter.

I might have wanted you and your
Tender touch, nuzzling at
My white throat
My slender limbs.
But I think you wanted more
to possess my body, soul and
I cannot be owned.

So I fled your grasping hands to avoid
The broken dreams, bitter bones
And your anger
like rocks thrown.
You gave chase, the hot pursuit
Nipping at my heels.

Through fields and over hills I ran
Like nymphs and ill-fated maids,
Fleet-footed to
The ancient forest
Where witches once played. For
Sanctuary I prayed.

Butterflies and pulses fluttering,
We stirred the forgotten spaces.
You, unrelenting
Me, unforgiving
Ashes, an all consuming fire.
Regret like cobwebs of us.

All things cycle, even this, us
Desire to love to fear to
Burning want,
Breathless need.
Between the blazing trees, our eyes lock
Something flickers in me.

Sometimes it's not the devil you meet
In the dark and wild places.
Wolf mother
Lunar archer
I found my horn-crowned
Chthonic goddess.

There is a bowstring between us,
Taut with power, red as blood.
A draw & release
Agitation, transformation
And I think we're wrong
For each other.
You are the hart and I am the hunter.

Alice is a story scribbler and not-so-penniless poet from sunny California. Classical mythology is one of her first loves. So it's fitting this is her first published poem. When she isn't binge-watching TV, she blogs about wanderlust at Girl On The Roam and books and geekery at A Nudge in the Right Direction. She can be reached on Twitter @kangaru.
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