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Only this ominous dark beauty

and the western sky,

storms flock like pigeons in a nutshell.

The universe is vast: we see clusters

of stars pinpointed

by a scientist's telescope like candle flames

flickering in the Milky Way.

Paint the sky, you tell me, use a black paintbrush to

take it all in. Shaped like a V, the numbers scroll

across the galaxy in mathematical

equations, almost like God's great

musical of the stars.

Humankind, so small, they are tiny

ants on an anthill.

And the universe, dark without end.

Apryl Fox is 23 years old. She has been published previously in Word Riot, Tryst, Star*Line, Whistling Shade, and Writing Juice. She is an Assistant Poetry Editor at the Rose and Thorn e-zine and currently resides in Michigan. You can see more of her work on her poetry blog, and you can contact her at
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