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When Emily's

deathly fly calls to her in

a tiny, pleading voice—

when Robert's

snowy woods glow with

an unearthly light—

when Walt's

celebratory song becomes a

post-apocalyptic dirge—

when Allen's

rebel howl bares sharp canines

beneath the Moloch moon—

when William Carlos'

red wheelbarrow transforms

in the lethal rain—

then the course prospectus

for American Poetry 101

will prove stranger than

anything Mr. Wells

could have ever


G. O. Clark's writing has been published in Asimov's, A Sea of Alone: Poems for Alfred Hitchcock, Tales of the Talisman, and other publications. He's the author of nine poetry collections, most recently Shroud of Night (2011) and a fiction collection, The Saucer Under My Bed & Other Stories (2011). You can find more of his work at his website and in our archives.
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