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This city is filled with ghosts


they laugh on patios, you can see

the foot prints, the paths

they walked like glowing pebbles in the moonlight.


This melody is filled with ghosts


they join you in the dance, the steps

you have traced over until you are at the corner

of a street you do not remember walking,

absentmindedly losing the choreography.


This life is filled with ghosts.


they come into your house and make coffee.

they gaze too long at your mortality

until you wish your body

was so transparent


as the stories you have walked through

their pieces strewn across the blocks,

the song, the walls.

Lynne is a philosophy MA and writer based in Hamilton, ON. When she is not writing you can find her performing circus with Steel the Sky Aerial Arts, or online at She has been previously published with Polar Borealis and Wild Musette.
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