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(To Serve in Hell)

Persephone makes an exquisite cranberry sauce.

Only the living can taste it,

but after you've had it you're hers.

She starts with white cranberries,

which she harvests herself from the marsh

where the Rivers of Forgetfulness

wash up the last thoughts of the dead.

Since sugar is still rationed there,

she adds strained beets and

p o m e g r a n a t e seeds.

Thanksgiving in Hades

tastes like a childhood memory

from somebody else's past

that you yourself can savor

only once.

David Sklar's work has appeared in Space and Time, Cabinet des Fées, and Paterson Literary Review. His Shadow of the Antlered Bird is available from Drollerie Press, and he is coediting the two-headed anthology Trafficking in Magic/Magicking in Traffic. David lives in New Jersey with his wife, kids, and cat. To contact him, send him email at For more about him and his work, see his website.
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