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He’s at attention, musket raised to

an oncoming train.


A ghost story dwells in steel

caverns below


Boston Common. A man in a red coat

vibrant enough to stunt


breaks. A conductor stares into

the whites of the soldier’s eyes


on the six a.m. commute. Two men.

A Patriot and


a British soldier,

standing guard of the mass melded


grave of

a thousand fallen clones.


The patriot drives

Bostonians through underground




They inhale these

dusted souls as


wheels screech between

Boylston and Arlington.


A reminder:

history is still as


tangible as

a blood red coat.

Konner is a writer and activist currently working on his M.F.A. in Poetry at the Solstice program at Pine Manor College in Boston.  He graduated from Providence College.  Konner has also written articles for Trans.Cafe.
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