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This country is a kingdom
I’m a loyal subject
I don’t voice my opinion
Though I’m always oppressed
Milady I’m a malady
Forego the old formalities
Oh prince laugh now while I’m still bowed down
I’m not joking, see soon I’ll don the crown
This pauper will be a king
You’ll have your arrogant faces on the ground
Go ahead and call me treacherous
Say I covet your riches
Slander me now
Tomorrow you'll be a grave man
The order to behead you, surely as you stand
My old enemies who jeered and mocked my face
Worry not, for they’ll suffer a worse disgrace
My words; How distasteful
My thoughts: ill-begotten
Malicious and rotten to the core?
I’m the way the world made me
Returning everything they gave me
Following the rule of old
An eye for an eye, yes they covet
Ear for an ear, they misconceive
A tooth for a tooth, they house a tongue that sells lies
An arm for an arm, as they divvy out crimes
Returning love for hate always put me in bad state
Turning the other cheek trapped me in a worse place

Antonio Funches is a young man who has faced and dealt with depression and anxiety attacks since childhood due to excessive bullying. Antonio and his sister were abandoned by their parents as toddlers, and finally got adopted by their grandmother. Writing became Antonio's object of peace, allowing him to vent out any pessimism.
Current Issue
23 May 2022

My family and I / lived and dined / and enjoyed sunny picnics / and celebrated Christmas / with the bones inside us / silently howling
Would the rightful owners of these 17 bodies please turn up to claim them?
"When I can't move, I write, and those two things are deeply connected."
Upstairs, the prime minister is meeting with all the party members because they are worried about how to save themselves. As in, just themselves and no one else.  Because they are selfish fucks.
Let’s strive to make the best art we can, but never from the starting point of fear, but of personal honesty.
Wednesday: The Body Scout by Lincoln Michel 
Friday: To Climates Unknown: An Alternate History of a World Without America by Arturo Serrano 
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