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They were, I guess. 70% sure, they said

though now        fairly certain, yes, end times.

Yes, and somehow somewhat anticlimactic

without the boiling rivers, definitely thought there'd be—

but end times all the same, just

dropping dead and just        really dropping like

everyone jumping from skyscrapers and making

squishy carpets like        worse than shag and bloodier—

yes, bloody as promised, so I guess there's that

but I was hoping for invaders, space or otherwise—

something flashy, drawn-out, good

on camera, go out swinging, very dashing

stuff you know? but no. just brain invasions or bugs

or everybody shrugging a shoulder        one shoulder

one eyebrow and all the way down, all falling

all failing to brace upon impact because—

not sure. I guess it didn't matter or

never mattered        I guess we're all just waiting now

for the right building, with the right arches

for the right moment to throw ourselves off, out, down.

Sarah Terry ( is currently a student in the MFA program at the University of New Hampshire. When not in class, she sings operas, stargazes, and works at a children's museum. Her work has previously appeared in Cthulhu Haiku & Other Mythos Madness.
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