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WANTED: SEI seeks TI for mutual orifice

exploration. Object: auto vivisection for

communal pleasure. No slimies or druggies.


DESIRED: 8-tentacled ET to be ETL. Must

have suckers on each feeler. Must enjoy

chlorine bubble baths and regolith walks.


SEEKING: SM who enjoys canal surfing

and S&M. Supermodel with frog legs

preferred. Should have blue air sacs.


IN NEED OF: Nubile queens from any sentient

hive. Desire: to be your servile drone who licks

your abdomen and swallows your honey.

John Nichols is a Social Studies teacher who lives in North Olmsted, OH. He has been writing sf poetry for almost twenty years. Before he retires later this year, he would like to take his classes on a field trip to a black hole.
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