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i will hold my peace when achilles' brooch
bids me
brache, bitch, not a dog more
a cluster of
gems of all
the nation / spits / gold and silver
the spit or bodkin forms a very small part of the whole.


"his buddy Patroclus"—


his best-belovéd
i wept,
my blest
you, name stitched
inside your vest
paired // locked


i am not interested in homosexuality.
there should have been a warning.


your body is produced
pettiness &
prettiness together
in his tents
his grief: dishonour
he intends—
lallies in his tents
valued honor /
the war lived
scratch out the wrong one
it right this time
his grief: deceit, self


you sit on his feet
the very dignity
your hands make the words


now play him me, Patroclus
a night alarm, arming
a scandalous copy / the root of sickness
ruddy signs
for the whole greek camp


this terrible play


love love nothing but love still more for o these lovers crie oh oh they
die yet that which seems the wound to kill doth turn oh oh to ha ha he so
dying love lies still oh oh a while but ha ha ha oh oh groans out for ha


grace notes such as Helen,
cannot be both erotic and political


your little stomach


a but but crie die doth dying for for groans ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he
kill lies love love love love lovers lies
who will i sing to now that you are dead


in the company of Patroclus
always with Patroclus
the death of Patroclus


an accusation no further
ills, ill-at-ease
rendered in the ripe tones of an injured queen


every corpse had to be cleared away
it was too much to bring yours back


a closed system
fool positive
armour sealed round your body—


play the role of woman


you are not for us;
blest knees achilles' grace
another world breezes through the tent
we hear your laughter
ornament, the pin goes in
one speck is left
dimpled ash / soot spotty
wound which they turn these the so seems out oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh o nothing

Charlotte Geater is an editor at the Emma Press. Her poetry has previously been published at Queen Mob’s Teahouse and Strange Horizons. She lives in London. She is on twitter at @tambourine.
Current Issue
27 Jul 2020

Stefan škrtl další sirkou a zapálil jednu ze svíček, které s sebou přinesl, pak další a další, dokud je neobklopoval celý kruh. Hanna nakrčila nos. Svíčky vydávaly zvláštní zápach, ale ne nepříjemný. Připomínal čerstvě posečenou trávu. I jejich tmavě olivová barva byla nezvyklá.
By: Amel Moussa
Translated by: Hager Ben Driss
Many things in my kitchen resemble me; I relate to them; we entertain one another. Water, fire, and electricity vegetables, water rich fruits, and dry fruits
أشياء ٌكثيرةٌ في مطبخي تُشبهني أتماهى مع هذه الأشياء ونُؤنسُ بعضنا.
He ignored her remark, ignited another match and lit a small candle. Then another one. He continued until a circle of candles surrounded them on the stage. Hanna scrunched her nose. The candles exuded a strange smell, but not an unpleasant one. It resembled freshly mown grass. The color was unusual too, a deep olive-green.
By: Eisuke Aikawa
Translated by: Toshiya Kamei
The translucent Ōe-san steps out of the bathroom and sits at the table as usual. He spreads butter on an invisible slice of bread, takes a bite, and chews it, holding the morning paper in his other hand. Just like a mime. I sit on the floor and observe his movements.
Issue 20 Jul 2020
By: Ranylt Richildis
Podcast read by: Anaea Lay
By: JD Fox
By: JD Fox
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Podcast read by: JD Fox
17 Jul 2020
Strange Horizons is now accepting fiction submissions for our Mexico Special issue, which will be published at the end of November 2020!
17 Jul 2020
Strange Horizons lanza su convocatoria en busca textos narrativos para su Especial de México, que se publicará a finales de noviembre de 2020!
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