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My demi, I have a side-splitter for you,
It’s not very funny, the weight we carry,
We’re an ensemble, of the same tear,
I split our sides, right?
Brother, I harm you too,
Image of I, accept my sorry,
My bosom, close to my chest, my rib, keeper of my essence,
Piece of my essence, accept my sorry.

Lately, my chest has hurt, close to my chest hurts,
My brother, do you hurt?
In my feet, I am not there,
It’s tingling, the edges of me, the edges of you,
My sides are splitting, this isn’t very funny.

Averi Kurth is a young poet with an affinity for sisterhood, complex emotion, and the idiosyncrasies that make us individual. Though she has no books published as of now, she would like to publish one in the near future.
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15 Jul 2024

I inherited the molting, which my mother will deny; she’ll insist it’s a thing only women do, each heartbreak withering from the body like a petal.
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Monday: A Botanical Daughter by Noah Medlock 
Wednesday: Stolen Hours and Other Curiosities by Manjula Padmanabhan 
Friday: The Book of Witches edited by Jonathan Strahan 
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