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Listen to the rustling
                 of mutant oak leaves. . . .

"Go," said the Oracle
             at Tau Eridani III,
"Where wormholes close and open
                          like anemone."


Copyright © 2001 Kendall Evans

Reader Comments

Kendall Evans has had over sixty poems published in various SF/fantasy/horror magazines, including his story-length narrative poem "I Feel So Schizophrenic, the Starship's Aft-Brain Said," which appeared in a recent issue of Black Petals. His "The Keeper of the Lighthouse at Land's End" received an honorable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

Kendall Evans is the author of 4 poetry chapbooks: "Separate Destinations" (with David C. Kopaska-Merkel), "Poetry Red-Shifted in the Eyes of a Dragon", "I Feel So Schizophrenic, the Starship's Aft-Brain Said" and "In Deepspace Shadows". His short story "Rufio's Song" appears in the current issue of SPACE AND TIME.
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