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When they roused me
from my thirty-year slumber,
my first memory was of that time
when I told you you made the best pie.
Who’d have thought I’d find a man
who cooks better than I ever could?
I wish that I'll never run out, I said,
and you lectured me once more:
the fleetingness of things
is the only faculty with which we enjoy.

Yet, when you said goodbye
as the avian disease took hold,
I never could let you go.
Call me mad if you wish,
but when I allowed us to be frozen,
I had nothing but your welfare in mind.
I knew they’d find a cure for death,
and though you might cry sacrilege,
such a thing exists in nature:
the hydra cheats, as do bacteria. Why
must crumbling doctrines stop us?

The cryogenicists are here now.
I am alive; soon, you will be, too,
and we will both be so for long.
They say you will be different,
having gone through death
before preservation; they say
you won’t know who I am.
Would you like to tell him? they ask,
but I was just leaving.
You have forever
to forgive me.

Anne Carly Abad is currently busy trying to learn a new trick: jewelry-making.  Her written work has appeared (or will appear in) NameL3ss Digest, Apex, and Not One of Us.  Her science fiction novel, The Light Bringer's Kingdom, saw print this year and is now available at Amazon (
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