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The water holds the light the sky has lost

as Giovanna, the tall gondolier,

poles her fares neatly through the central arch

of the old Bridge of Quests and Lost Replies.

The girl is laughing, her companion smiles

as silent wings come sweeping overhead

a great white owl, near shining in the gloom,

heads for St Cryptodon's tall gothic spire.

The half-masked man asserts that owls are luck

his girl smiles back at him, his luck is in,

and Giovanna knows, but does not say

that owls are often sent with messages

and someone in St Cryptodon's tonight

will burn their candle late deciphering

what someone in the Forest Kingdom sent

and balances will tilt—she rests her pole

and drops her passengers at Lion Bridge

where music, mint, and change hang in the air.

Bio to come.
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