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The space orbital habitat burst apart, spewing debris that struck the containment field, clouding our view until the destruction bots activated. Unseen bots worked on smaller debris first. Broken bits of habitat disappeared like a low Earth fog evaporating under the pressure of a bright sun. As the small debris cleared, I thought of animals biting chunks off of their food.

Bots are eating it.

My partner squeezed my hand. I glanced down to witness a tear slip down his cheek, past his tight smile.

Bots devoured our first shared home while a new habitat waited to grow with us.

A.M. Fals is a mixed-genre author who enjoys nerdy science fiction, dark fantasy, and queer romance. Their short stories can be found on Medium. They live in the USA, where they indulge at home in their husband’s mochas and talking to wasps.
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