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As we are dying we reveal
ourselves. This is why
when I kiss you I close
my eyes sometimes.

Such decadence shining
through, as the sun
walks behind the shadow
of the shining moon.

Studying in dreams
How nostalgia, self-reflection, limns
The word of the world.
Wailing and shrieking, making
A great noise to wake the dead god.
I have swallowed the sun.
I have sent it to sleep.
Yes, your gaping mouth
has been chasing the chariots,

but the wolf
who swallows such a coal
would burst into flames:
the sign on the horizon.


Copyright © 1989 Lizzard Henry

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Lizzard Henry writes poetry, short stories, and unfinished novels, and translates poetry from Spanish. She lives in Redwood City. At times she turns into a Moomintroll. For more about her, visit her Web site.

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