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grief wakes the nucleus

of the whole atom

wavers the line of stopped ambulances

alongside the freeway

swivels like a swung shovel

coming at you in a yard full of wreckage

you snap one of those plastic

produce tabs on it, saying

this is something I did

this is something I will not do

then in the arbor of sudden light

time, collapsar, dissolves in it

a telephone, like the arm moving to answer its ring,

wakes up

wakes, this time

the whole atom

Lee Ballentine edits Ur-Vox, a yearbook of new surrealism. His poems have appeared in Abraxas, Caliban, Exquisite Corpse, Mississippi Mud, and many other places in the twenty years since James Laughlin wrote Lee was "pushing up into the Amazon of the new poetry." You can see more of Lee's work in his publications Dream Protocols,, Phase Language, and POLY: New Speculative Writing, and also in our archives.
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