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Wanda knew better than the mesmerism
that swept the spacestation.
She had seen plenty of it in her long life.
Wanda knew what close proximity did
to one another, and their ideas.
  see them, wanda? they would all whisper
  look how they all float around each and other
  attracted to ... attracted to One and Another
  “There’s probably a leak somewhere”
  she joked back then

Before long they were calling for things,
any bead or beam and certainly dirt
to quell their new myth.
All things ... any things ... Things ...
Give us your Things.
  you don’t, wanda. they would all agree
  don’t see or don’t want to see or can’t see
  the Each and Other ... the One from Another
  “Theres a crack in the hull you dolts”
  she laughed aloud then

Now there certainly was the swirling swarming locust night
she had always believed would come. Everything, all things,
floating around one another in the center of the spacestation.
Looking for redundancies.
  you didn’t, wanda! they now all screamed
  didn’t Give any Things and now look! Look what you’ve done!
  forever ... Forever The Each, The Other, The One, and Another!
  Forever The Each, The Other, The One, and Another!
  “Theres definitely a hole in the ship”
  and Wanda was Goddamn right about That

Casimir R. Finnegan is a writer, comedian, and game designer. This is his Strange Horizons debut. More of him can be found at the blog and unfortunately on Twitter @CazFinnegan.
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