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25 Feb 2019
Having multiple characters automatically gives the viewer a story to think about that they are not already part of.
13 Nov 2017
I’m most inspired by narrative work, strong sense of place, and finding the fantastic things inherent in everyday life.
14 Nov 2016
I think the disorienting effect, somehow, tells a more psychological truth than a perfect rendering in three-point perspective.
31 Oct 2016
Sonia Camacho is a Berlin-based illustrator and artist born in Seville, Spain, who currently develops illustration and design projects in Europe. 
12 Sep 2016
Freelance is what I've always wanted to do though, so when I got laid off from my full-time, I sort of resolved to making it work.
15 Aug 2016
Even as a kid I was always trying to create worlds and stories with my art.
25 Jul 2016
What if aliens invaded and we had to learn how to accommodate them?  What would change politically, socially, culturally, linguistically?
18 Jul 2016
I’m tired of seeing blue space babes and ridiculous, spiky armor in highly rendered but­ stylistically ­uninteresting illustrations.
11 Jul 2016
I want to challenge how women's bodies are thought of and represented—in comics especially.
4 Jul 2016
Usually [comics are] a way for me to say things I’m too embarrassed to say out loud or outright tell someone about.
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