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By: Dante Luiz
Art by: Em Allen
12 Aug 2019
Em Allen is a Minneapolis based illustrator whose work is largely inspired by her lasting childhood love of adventure stories. Fantasy, fashion and fiction all combine to create illustrated cocktails of decadence, romance, and yearning. You can view her portfolio at
25 Feb 2019
Having multiple characters automatically gives the viewer a story to think about that they are not already part of.
16 Jul 2018
I’m fascinated by the reflective nature of environments—how a space shapes and, in turn, is shaped the person who lives in it.
21 May 2018
[They are i]nspired by a very effective technique for dealing with anxiety I was taught long ago, which is to let the sensation envelope you without judgement.
2 Apr 2018
I want my art to have the same sense of mystery and wonder that a great story does.
19 Mar 2018
I want to invite the viewer to my work through feelings of coziness, relaxation, and comfort.
27 Feb 2018
I hope to intrigue the viewer enough to think about the story. I hope to excite their interest and give them a little rush.
By: Tory Hoke
Art by: Sam Guay
15 Jan 2018
I knew I wanted to continue with my art, but I hadn’t found the place where my art belonged.
1 Jan 2018
I'm always chasing tensions in the stories I tell, and media that articulates that beautiful tension proves a profound and reliable guide.
13 Nov 2017
I’m most inspired by narrative work, strong sense of place, and finding the fantastic things inherent in everyday life.
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