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30 Sep 2019
I have lived in Recife my whole life and it is a very interesting place to grow up in.
16 Sep 2019
I have always loved admiring classical paintings. Namely, Rembrandt and Klimt.
By: Dante Luiz
Art by: Em Allen
12 Aug 2019
Drawing is something that I’ve always loved, even from a very young age.
25 Feb 2019
Having multiple characters automatically gives the viewer a story to think about that they are not already part of.
16 Jul 2018
I’m fascinated by the reflective nature of environments—how a space shapes and, in turn, is shaped the person who lives in it.
21 May 2018
They are inspired by a very effective technique for dealing with anxiety I was taught long ago, which is to let the sensation envelope you without judgement.
2 Apr 2018
I want my art to have the same sense of mystery and wonder that a great story does.
19 Mar 2018
I want to invite the viewer to my work through feelings of coziness, relaxation, and comfort.
27 Feb 2018
I hope to intrigue the viewer enough to think about the story. I hope to excite their interest and give them a little rush.
By: Tory Hoke
Art by: Sam Guay
15 Jan 2018
I knew I wanted to continue with my art, but I hadn’t found the place where my art belonged.
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