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15 May 2023
There’s a dog in this house. A not-quite-a-dog. An undog. I heard its whimpering the first week I slept here, the thump, thump, thump of its bulky legs on the old tiles.
17 Apr 2023
It would be trite and untrue to say I didn’t look like other women. But I felt as if I didn't, as if I was meant to look some other way than myself, soft or round, I suppose.
20 Mar 2023
It started with a bit of music, something no one else was even listening to.
23 Feb 2023
It forced itself to take that last step onto the ferry. Every step further from land felt like falling. Through space, through time, through every place it had ever been.
17 Jan 2023
That’s what the post says, each word capitalized as if it’s the goddamn title of a novel or a screenplay, a farce, a fiction.
19 Dec 2022
When we are kids, says Stavros, we eat the heart of a wolf and become half-wolves ourselves.
22 Nov 2022
As far back as I could remember, Oma warned me about the bats. She said they would eat me if they found me exposed at night. But I knew the green light of the moon would protect me, even when I was still smaller than Oma.
17 Oct 2022
Everything had changed. I shouldn’t have been surprised. The whole reason we had moved to the Isle of Lewis was because everything everywhere was changing. Here seemed like the best place to face that.
26 Sep 2022
Like this woman, I am carrying the world on my back.
11 Jul 2022
In Greece, we have a saying: You must eat the body part you want to grow stronger. Or maybe that’s just something my grandmother used to say.
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