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5 Jul 2021
I’d trace VHS box art and magazines from Pokémon and Dragon Ball and moved on to superhero comics when I got a bit older.
By: Dante Luiz
Art by: Sunmi
31 May 2021
Fiction and art was a way for me to explore and express gender, and still is.
30 Mar 2021
Children need to see themselves represented, and liberation needs imagination—picture books are great for this.
18 Jan 2021
The way I see it, this story is full of symbolic touchstones, visual elements with layers of meaning that are not always obvious, or even accessible, to the reader.
1 Dec 2020
Some Mexican visual artists that I've really been loving are Miguel Covarrubias, Emilio Amero, and particularly Ernesto García Cabral.
7 Sep 2020
For many years I did digital art, but about three years ago I realized that I like the physicality of traditional art way more.
20 Jul 2020
My goal is to create an art and a range of works that people can relate to and connect with just by looking at the image.
4 May 2020
I can almost sense a symbiotic connection between color, sound, movement, and emotion, like they’re all part of the same composition.
By: Dante Luiz
2 Mar 2020
Just not BLACK ENOUGH, so I started following more people like me.
20 Jan 2020
I love the idea of representing folk stories and showcasing the culture of my country in a different way.
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