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Each department of Strange Horizons has separate submission guidelines. For information about submitting work to a particular department, follow the appropriate link:

  • Art: how to submit art galleries and illustrations
  • Fiction: how to submit prose short stories
  • Non-Fiction: how to submit columns, essays, interviews, and round-tables
  • Poetry: how to submit literary, SF/F, slipstream, and speculative verse
  • Podcasts: how to audition as a podcast reader
  • Reviews: how to submit or request reviews of works of speculative and SF/F art and entertainment—especially books, films, games, and other similar media
  • Volunteering: how to join the Strange Horizons staff

All of our departments encourage and welcome submissions by individuals from groups or backgrounds that have historically been marginalized and/or under-represented within Strange Horizons. Please don't self-reject; we want to consider your work!

Submissions of translated fiction or poetry can be made first to our sister magazine, Samovar.

Submissions to Strange Horizons may be retained in our archives for editorial reference, but are treated as confidential correspondence. We do not, however, guarantee absolute confidentiality. We may release material in the following circumstances:

  1. If the magazine receives material containing explicit threats, either towards members of staff or other individuals, in the form of a submission or as other communication, we may share such material with legal authorities;
  2. In an investigation of a specific incident of harassment or abuse, initiated by a third party organization (for example, a publisher or a convention committee), which specifically involves a work that has been submitted to Strange Horizons or material present in communication with Strange Horizons, we may consider sharing a copy of that work or communication with the relevant organization;
  3. We will comply with duly authorised subpoenas requesting material in our possession.

We will notify the author(s) involved if we share any of their work under these provisions.