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18 Aug 2017
Or, to put it another way, the companionship between the women exists in “a psychological boundary of both pain and pleasure.”
16 Aug 2017
The queue which gives Aziz’s novel its title swells to monstrous proportions, creating its own mini-society and proliferating little economies—and continues to expand. Life is the queue, and the queue is life, with brief interludes elsewhere.
14 Aug 2017
Covering the early decades of twentieth century science fiction, from the 1920s through the early 1940s, Sisters of Tomorrow is a critical work as well an anthology.
11 Aug 2017
This is a grande dame telling all after the fact; we're looking at the post-process of her sense-making of her own story.
9 Aug 2017
You might expect Void Star to read like a Neal Stephenson novel, but the prose is unfailingly serious and meditative, almost to the point of being languid.
7 Aug 2017
Universal Harvester is, to its core, a Midwestern Gothic.
4 Aug 2017
As the novella reaches its dreadful, grim climax, we, alongside Mitch, discover that there are many ways a world can end, and many angry monsters waiting for you to open the gate in the garden.
2 Aug 2017
Anyone who has encountered Zoran Živković’s fiction will know that he is too expert in exploring the possibilities of the realm of the Fantastic to give us simple allegory.
31 Jul 2017
One of the marvels of Turner’s writing is the fact that she blatantly uses POV against the reader, tricking you into thinking you know more or less than you do and never giving away a single iota of information more than she has to.
28 Jul 2017
In some ways, Wolf Moon feels more like a sprawling family saga than the tightly intricate political/corporate/criminal thriller that was New Moon.
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