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31 Jul 2018
I’ve always heard that a place is the people you meet. True words, but after co-editing this issue of Strange Horizons, I know truer ones: a place is the stories you tell.
30 Jul 2018
It seems to me a sacred duty to be trusted by writers—established or emerging or still incubating— with their sweet, sharp, and strange work.
30 Jul 2018
When someone says that a name, a word, or an idea is on the tip of their tongue, what they mean is that they have entered that strange space between memory and forgetting.
31 Jan 2018
Her ideas – particularly in the realms of politics, feminism, gender, sexuality and spirituality – contain exactly the same liberating magic today as they did when she first conceived them.
20 Nov 2017
Beginning with this issue, Strange Horizons will be adding a content warning feature to all of its published material.
30 Oct 2017
21 Aug 2017
Gentle readers, it’s that time once again.
3 Apr 2017
The time has come, I've decided, to move on; I'm handing the editor-in-chiefship of Strange Horizons over to our current associate editors, Jane Crowley and Kate Dollarhyde; I'm looking forward to re-encountering the magazine as a reader.
23 Jan 2017
New website, same traditions: welcome to the results of this year's Readers' Poll. It's one of my favourite moments in the SH calendar, a time to take stock of -- and celebrate!
Strange Horizons
16 Jan 2017
Like all our issues, we hope that this week offers a sense of community, and that you may find some courage or inspiration in the stories and ideas it includes.
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