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26 Sep 2022
Would a Teixcalaanli aristocrat look up at the sky, think of Lsel Station, and wonder—with Auden—"what doubtful act allows/ Our freedom in this English house/ our picnics in the sun"?
29 Aug 2022
We are amazed, awed, delighted and have wept (in a good way) at the sheer talent represented in the stories, poems and essays. In fact, we are saddened that we couldn’t represent all of Southeast Asia. We have so much talent. 
20 Jun 2022
We're a week and a half into this year's fund drive. And we're looking to add a Poetry Editor and an Assistant Poetry Podcast Editor.
21 Mar 2022
Due to the high volume of submissions we received during our November 2021 open call, we are taking longer than average to review all of the stories. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to work our way through each of your stories with care and attention. Though we try to respond within 90 days, that is not the case currently with the state of the world and impacts on our staff. Our goal is to finish reading through all submissions by May 2022.
Strange Horizons
14 Mar 2022
Art “Artist Interview: Juliana Pinho's Making-Of” by Juliana Pinho (01/18/21) “Artist Interview: Aya Ghanameh” by Dante Luiz (03/29/21) “Artist Interview: Sunmi” by Dante Luiz (05/31/21) “Artist Interview: Palloma Barreto” by Dante Luiz (07/05/21) Articles and Columns “The Waters Of This Place: Aotearoa New Zealand Speculative Fiction” by AJ Fitzwater (01/25/21) “New Horizons: A Conversation with the Editors of Rikka Zine, khōréō mag, and Constelación” by Gautam Bhatia, Terrie Hashimoto, Coral Alejandra Moore, Lian Xia Rose, Rowan Morrison, and Alexandra Hill (02/22/21) “Taking Care: The Humane Heart of Science Fiction” by Judith Tarr (03/22/21) “Roundtable: The palestinian speculative” by Fargo Tbakhi, N.
31 Jan 2022
When we were first asked to take on the Strange Horizons Reviews department, in the summer of 2014, we said yes for two main reasons: the first was that we knew each other already in various ways, and thought we would enjoy working together (in the years since, this intuition has proven more correct than we knew); and, secondly and even more importantly, because we thought reviews were important. That’s why, since our appointment and barring a week or so here and there, we have done our utmost to deliver three long-form reviews in every single issue of this brilliant magazine (we really have no idea how our successive predecessors in Reviews, Niall Harrison and Abigail Nussbaum, possibly achieved this alone).
Strange Horizons
3 Jan 2022
Strange Horizons calls for applications to the post of Fundraising Editor. 
20 Dec 2021
As the year winds to a close, here is a quick round-up of how some of the work that Strange Horizons published during 2020 fared across a year of juries, judges, voters, and awards!
29 Nov 2021
It is perhaps fitting, therefore, that our donor's choice special issue for 2021 is titled—simply—Friendship.
15 Nov 2021
In a recent tweet, L.D. Lewis pointed out the necessity "mentorship within the short SFF field, wherein the mastheads of existing publications avail themselves to consult with people trying to start a new outlet." We at Strange Horizons acknowledge the value of this, and would like to take up this invitation. With around twenty years of institutional memory to call upon, we hope we can be of some use. Our several departments - Fiction, Poetry, Reviews, Art, and Articles - have all expressed their availability for conversations about our experiences so far. So, if you are starting - or intending to start - a new outlet, and have any questions for anyone at the Zine, in the first instance, please write to co-ordinating editor Gautam Bhatia (,
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