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31 Jan 2018
Her ideas – particularly in the realms of politics, feminism, gender, sexuality and spirituality – contain exactly the same liberating magic today as they did when she first conceived them.
20 Nov 2017
Beginning with this issue, Strange Horizons will be adding a content warning feature to all of its published material.
30 Oct 2017
21 Aug 2017
Gentle readers, it’s that time once again.
3 Apr 2017
The time has come, I've decided, to move on; I'm handing the editor-in-chiefship of Strange Horizons over to our current associate editors, Jane Crowley and Kate Dollarhyde; I'm looking forward to re-encountering the magazine as a reader.
23 Jan 2017
New website, same traditions: welcome to the results of this year's Readers' Poll. It's one of my favourite moments in the SH calendar, a time to take stock of -- and celebrate!
Strange Horizons
16 Jan 2017
Like all our issues, we hope that this week offers a sense of community, and that you may find some courage or inspiration in the stories and ideas it includes.
19 Dec 2016
Dear Strange Horizons readers, The Fiction department is pleased to announce that we will reopen to submissions January 2, 2017. We look forward to reading your excellent stories.
23 Oct 2016
Well, here we are! Welcome to the new-look Strange Horizons, courtesy of Matthew Kressel (site design) and Kris Dikeman (logo).
26 Sep 2016
By partnering twice a year with sub-Q, SH will bring new eyeballs to interactive fiction, new voices to its pages, and emotional, unforgettable, revolutionary stories to your screen.
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