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18 Nov 2019
I did not get on with Trapped in the R.A.W., a fact that is all the more painful to me for having such excited expectations. Our time together could best be described as a blind date gone horribly wrong.
15 Nov 2019
Its strong historical roots serve as a measure of restraint on the speculation that sets Tell Them of Battles, Kings, and Elephants apart from mere wishful thinking.
13 Nov 2019
Race, it turns out, does matter in time travel; it is just one of those things that is difficult to see until it is shown, but then, can never be unseen.
11 Nov 2019
There is nothing quite like the special brand of exasperation produced by a book that captivates in the first third, aggravates in the second and alternately bores and confuses during the finale.
1 Nov 2019
In this novel, mathematics and technology can allow anything to happen … and that includes calling upon creatures from beyond the Universe.
30 Oct 2019
As an act of imagination, it is essentially to ask: what if racist thought was correct, and the world really did work like that?
28 Oct 2019
The focus has changed, and subsequently the film is firmly set around the grief that comes from dislocation, not that which comes from the determined practice of destruction.
25 Oct 2019
The Test leaves you with a fear for the future—and a feeling of being emotionally drained.
23 Oct 2019
An interest in language and who gets to speak is paramount for Choi, whose poetic career started in spoken word.
21 Oct 2019
It is common in the overwhelmingly white genre of speculative fiction for race to be an allegory. In Dread Nation, there is no need for race to be an allegory; it’s simply the historical reality of the genre.
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