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19 Oct 2018
Science fiction is sometimes said to be the "literature of ideas," and Ada Palmer's novels can be read as validating or alternatively refuting this notion.
17 Oct 2018
Plum Rains is, on the individual level, about accepting the traumas we cannot change.
15 Oct 2018
Chambers’s series illustrates that telling can and should be regarded as a dynamic literary practice, with an expansive toolkit of approaches to building memorable and compelling science fiction tales.
10 Oct 2018
The deployment of tropes within The White City positions it firmly towards the literary end of the spectrum, and not always in ways which I appreciated or understood.
8 Oct 2018
This collection unhesitatingly approaches some very infrequently explored physical and mental spaces, and I was very glad to see that. Yet I felt an unevenness despite the firm voice, a self-assuredness that comes from spending many years addressing complicated topics—but in different formats.
3 Oct 2018
Set in the very near future, the novel is engaged with the road to dystopia, much more than it is with what may be the endpoint of that road.
1 Oct 2018
The structural pattern of Hybrid Child is based on the return and replication of trauma.
19 Sep 2018
As usual, fleshed-out narratives, developed characters, and poetic embellishments aren't Liu's selling points.
17 Sep 2018
Translating the planet-annihilating outcomes of intergalactic warfare from Douglas Adams’s Vogons—a spoof of town councils’ urban planning—to a spoof of Eurovision forces this novel to pick a very delicate path through European war memory itself.
12 Sep 2018
These nine fantastical stories talk about the magic present in relationships, and how sometimes others misinterpret either the relationship, the magic, or both.
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