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28 Nov 2022
Manindra Gupta’s anthropomorphising turns an object of inquiry into a subject, then situates him amidst a dying but still-lively world.
25 Nov 2022
Campbell does not make the common mistake to equate femininity with feminism or femaleness with feminism.
23 Nov 2022
If there is any consistent theme to this volume, it is the importance of empathy.
21 Nov 2022
Billed as a queer Joan of Arc in space, The Genesis of Misery is a bold, startling, and ambitious start to a planned trilogy.
18 Nov 2022
And, it’s true, everything about these stories and about our history is painful. When Noor speaks to this desire to just stop listening, it is painful but also validating.
16 Nov 2022
The First Binding is fundamentally and obviously invested in fantasy as a genre
14 Nov 2022
Neom truly is written for die-hard fans of the speculative genre.
11 Nov 2022
Stephanie Burt’s poetry collection We Are Mermaids explores existences between realities, or rather existing in more than one.
9 Nov 2022
Bowen seamlessly blends the worlds of the natural and supernatural in a manner that reflects and uniquely represents the dual status of diasporic descendants.
7 Nov 2022
Mirror joins the many contemporary fairy-tale retellings that make the older female antagonist a figure of tragic sympathy.
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