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19 Jul 2017
Some key panels, like the one where we see Johnson’s deity Noir for the first time, stories-in-flasks sprouting off her like limbs, resemble the silent comics of the 1930s woodcut era (present day for the book’s internal chronology); white lines emerging from a jet black background, as if etched out with a chisel, à la Lynd Ward.
17 Jul 2017
But the most interesting, most exhilarating, part of this whole adventure is the fact that it’s serious, that it’s real—that this feeling of uncovering something strange and important about the world applies to magic just as much as it applies to being an adult.
12 Jul 2017
Like elements of it though I do, there's something about the current House Style and its pervasive sepia-tinted nostalgia that permits or even encourages the envisioning of a past without its historically present multiculturalism.
10 Jul 2017
I crossed my fingers and hoped that the book was going to deal actively with overturning racist tropes. Up until the point where I gave up reading because I couldn’t stand any more, it had not.
7 Jul 2017
The differences between Steeplejack and its prequel, Chains are striking, because they attest to how much fiction (ostensibly) for adults and fiction (ostensibly) for teens can diverge in matters of thematic depth and structural nuance.
5 Jul 2017
That we can now see this planet as our garden, rather than a wilderness beyond our control, is in part because we have imagined other ways on other worlds.
3 Jul 2017
One thing that is clear to just about everyone in the book is that the hexarchate is a terrible place to live and an even worse polity to serve.
23 Jun 2017
In the first book of the Thessaly trilogy, The Just City, the goddess of knowledge, Athene, decided to experiment with setting up Plato’s ideal city. Necessity is less philosophical, although it continues to explore interesting ideas.
21 Jun 2017
Despite the implications of the title Crazyhead, the central premise of the show is that neither Raquel nor Amy have a history of mental health issues requiring the treatment they’ve been given (though both present as neuroatypical); both have been misdiagnosed. There are complications with this manner of navigating histories of mental health issues, especially for a show called Crazyhead.
19 Jun 2017
Much of the joy in The Waking Land comes from its revealings.
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