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27 May 2020
Nghi Vo subverts the authority of history makers, for Rabbit’s relationship with Empress In-yo calls into question her reliability as a narrator and, by extension, how much truth makes it into history
25 May 2020
Winrock’s work is all magic thought, all smoke and mirrors, but I still do not know if it was an illusion or there was something more she needed me to see and that I failed to.
20 May 2020
Chilling Effect presents a vision of the future that is optimistic and full of hope, where even though the tendrils of neo-colonization, capitalism, and corruption ensnare every corner of an ever-expanding universe, there is still hope and care and love in human relationships.
18 May 2020
Dark River proves to be about what women must and can achieve by themselves.
13 May 2020
If only genocide was the least of this novel’s problems.
11 May 2020
Sylvia Townsend Warner still speaks, as she always did, to now.
6 May 2020
Perhaps the messages within the story, and spending time with the characters, are what gets the reader through this book, rather than the plot itself.
4 May 2020
A recurrent theme of In Veritas is the need for these and for all people to be seen, even when terrified that the act of being truly seen might destroy them.
22 Apr 2020
Docile lacks a fully formed world on almost every level.
20 Apr 2020
The stories in Talk Like a Man read as a series of castings, of hypotheses being tested.
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