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20 Jun 2018
This gives the comic a loose, effortless tone but at the same time each page is meticulously laid out, perfectly balanced even when Taylor throws in charts, diagrams, or blocks of text.
18 Jun 2018
I’d suggest in fact that Garland’s film is less an adaptation, but something more organic, echoing some of the novel’s central themes, complementing it, an extension of that continuous dream.
15 Jun 2018
I really, really wanted to enjoy the second season of Jessica Jones.
13 Jun 2018
In a world in which people are defined as tools and resources, people will come to understand themselves and others as tools and resources, too.
11 Jun 2018
If Big Fish & Begonia begins as a tale of self-assertion against both the community and the environment, it ends as an allegory for self-sacrifice.
8 Jun 2018
Liu’s premises are enormous in scope, but also outrageous, with enjoyment to be had in the small details that continually escalate the premise.
6 Jun 2018
Walters’ signature style is the story composed of short vignettes.
4 Jun 2018
As adults and fans of science fiction, however, we must come to the new Lost in Space with a different set of questions.
1 Jun 2018
Titan, let’s be honest, is a frozen hellhole of a place.
30 May 2018
As a doctor tells her, and as all students of fairy tales such as this know, things are rarely as they appear to be.
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