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21 Jun 2019
This is a short book, and it attempts to tread a line between the depth of criticism that Miyazaki fans and film scholars are looking for and achieving a more general vision of Miyazaki's career that casual viewers might find useful.
19 Jun 2019
Rabinowitz’s characters travel through shared frequencies, colliding timelines and multiple entanglements, to forge new alliances.
17 Jun 2019
The true and truly satisfying struggle in this novel comes in that between the magical and metaphysical.
14 Jun 2019
This is what stories will be like when told by our post-apocalyptic descendants cobbling together estimations of Michael Bay films from their uranium-addled memories.
12 Jun 2019
Sometimes what draws me back in is a particular phrase or a bit of dialogue. Often, it’s the natural imagery that permeates almost every story.
10 Jun 2019
It is in this shimmering on the borderland, the boundary between the quotidian life of the city and Zipolite’s world of dreams that Sea Monsters allows us its most potent glimpses of the fantastic.
7 Jun 2019
Writing generally about SF, Fennell occasionally over-simplifies. But, by searching beyond rigid genre-boundaries, he is able to present stories by authors, especially female authors, rarely found in anthologies and discussions of the genre.
5 Jun 2019
Due to the precarious financial nature even of critically acclaimed publishing ventures, we have only a few places where SF&F writers can explore specific themes with any promise of payment whatsoever. According to the Kickstarter page for this project, the team involved in this effort wanted very much to add to that number of venues. So this essay is more workshop than review, which I hope might also benefit other teams bravely developing SF&F platforms on minimal resources.
3 Jun 2019
There is an airlessness to the stories; they lack the softness and warmth and yielding quality of living flesh.
31 May 2019
Bakić’s stories stick in your craw, keep you wondering and returning.
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