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5 Mar 2021
While the title of this novel does promise a labyrinth, Toni hardly offers an easy thread with which to guide the reader through it.
3 Mar 2021
As with any tale of an encounter between two cultures, who is centered depends on who is telling the story.
1 Mar 2021
If A Memory Called Empire is about the borders that people throw up to separate themselves from each other, then A Desolation Called Peace is about borders that are impossible to even articulate (because there exists no common language), but whose resolution turns into an existential question
26 Feb 2021
even within its dystopic setting of growing authoritarianism and absurdities about the idea of ownership or domination of nature, Munteanu imbues her novel with a transcendent optimism that an ecological core will abide the sins of humankind
24 Feb 2021
A River Called Time is at its most disquieting in those moments where alternate history brushes against our own.
22 Feb 2021
This collection’s takeaway is that, for human society to become sustainable, it needs to retrain itself to be less aggressive and consumptive.
19 Feb 2021
This isn’t “gothic-infused,” it’s straight-up gothic.
17 Feb 2021
Phoenix Extravagant is an altogether softer novel, where little loves and little preoccupations are as important to the world as the great conflicts
15 Feb 2021
Jade War’s story is multi-layered and satisfying, its characters rooted in a nuanced system of values which makes their actions in turn relatable, intriguing, and occasionally abhorrent without ever feeling out of place.
10 Feb 2021
While the trappings of loss and grief are all there … they remain just that: trappings.
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