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21 Feb 2018
Three of the issues examined in these books are, first, the status of women in the post-apocalyptic world; second, the question of whether and to what extent women should use violence to defend themselves; and finally, the subject of gender and identity.
19 Feb 2018
A key to finding leverage amidst the delirium of Harrison’s work is repetition.
16 Feb 2018
After the Flare gives passing mention to a number of complex issues in Nigerian society without delving into them, making one wonder why they were brought up in the first place.
14 Feb 2018
A Chinese series may have 13 billion “legitimate” views, an incredibly well-received Korean and Japanese syndication, and popular fan translations into various languages . . . and yet raise not one whisper in Anglophone media discourse.
12 Feb 2018
The Cloverfield Paradox can’t decide whether it wants to be a cult camp classic or a sleek character-driven sci-fi thriller, and it ends up being neither.
9 Feb 2018
Like many fantasy books these days, D.O.D.O. bears a great potential for being serialized for television.
7 Feb 2018
It is in novels like Visitor that science fiction stakes its claim on importance and relevance in literature and in our cultural imagination.
5 Feb 2018
Mormama is never scary, or even creepy as the quotes on the back of the book claim, but it troubles and bothers the reader in a different way.
2 Feb 2018
Ancillary Justice is an astoundingly assured and graceful debut novel, wedding a complicated structure to three-dimensional characters and multiple interesting SFnal ideas. The novel's core questions are not new to speculative fiction, but they are combined in ways which shed new light on them, and Leckie never allows anything to resolve into a simple answer.
31 Jan 2018
A big book, it has the feel of arrival, this mysterious rectangular object finally crashing down from the future, or many futures.
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