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23 May 2022
There is an oddity to this anthology’s overall structure, which is where its issues start to creep in.
20 May 2022
In the Middle Ages, Arthurian literature quickly became a kind of early global literature itself, traveling across wide waterways and continents, and Griffith reminds us that the Roman Empire with its own tremendous reach made its British extension a more cosmopolitan place than most modern Arthurian adaptations imagine.
18 May 2022
It’s rare for me to feel so sympathetic for a book that I believe is profoundly wrong.
16 May 2022
Goliath’s anger is apparent, as well as its learning, its mourning, its love. 
13 May 2022
Sometimes clarity is the last thing we need in a world filled with chaos.
11 May 2022
This is a novel concerned to such a degree with interiority, both physical and mental, that it's sometimes difficult to tell what's going on outside of the characters.
9 May 2022
This might sound dramatically dystopian, but it doesn’t come across as such.
6 May 2022
Khaw has constructed a weirdly unreal atmosphere.
4 May 2022
[ . . . ] uses its speculative setting to capture a unique perspective on transformation and becoming
2 May 2022
At first glance, She Who Became the Sun seems like it would sit comfortably on the shelf beside the tremendous flowering of twenty-first century epic fantasy.
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