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14 Jun 2024
The few representations of polyamory that we have in mainstream media tend to fall into one of three categories. Kacen Callender avoids these pitfalls.
13 Jun 2024
We learn a lot about syncretic religion and multicultural federalism.
12 Jun 2024
Of whom is this book asking its questions?
10 Jun 2024
Buried underneath the supernatural horror in this book, as restless as the house, are the horrors of Spain’s past.
7 Jun 2024
Moon Soul is a simple but powerful story in which we see the parts of ourselves that we have yet to examine … and the parts we ignore.
5 Jun 2024
The Malazan novels express the idea that all is ephemeral: that grand empires, like grand buildings, all eventually fall.
3 Jun 2024
This is a novel that seethes with impossible visions, willful anachronisms, and ultimately invented events that contradict historical fact.
31 May 2024
The monumental scale of different planets and space travel coexists with details that define our humanity.
29 May 2024
Seim’s stories, like the siblings traversing them, flow towards empathy, connection, and healing.
27 May 2024
Moon of the Turning Leaves is a novel about birth, death, and all the struggles of life in between—at least, as they are carried out in Indigenous communities newly emerging from colonialism’s shadow.
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