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16 Oct 2017
A big book, it has the feel of arrival, this mysterious rectangular object finally crashing down from the future, or many futures.
13 Oct 2017
Shattered Minds stumbles on far too many occasions.
11 Oct 2017
Corpselight constructs a tale in which all extraordinary happenstance takes an emotional back-seat to the primacy of family life.
9 Oct 2017
In Other Lands isn’t the most action-packed novel I’ve read, but what it lacks in pulse-pounding plot points it more than makes up for in character, wit, and heart.
6 Oct 2017
Aesthetics are a neglected aspect of so many other domains—politics and economics and theology—but not here. What Moreno-Garcia doesis nudge it more toward the fore, exploring how the Beautiful Ones assert (or fail to assert) their rule over each other by way of aesthetic captivation.
4 Oct 2017
A thief walks into a temple and picks up a girl. Well, not a girl, exactly; our thief finds Thrift perched on an altar, like her sisters.
2 Oct 2017
The world of Want definitely feels like one that could be starting now, or perhaps already has: residents of cities in China and India are no strangers to literally life-shortening air pollution, and neither are members of marginalized communities living next to polluted sites worldwide.
22 Sep 2017
While the short stories might be able to stand alone, they’re also clearly meant as a set. There’s a synergy between them that’s important to establishing Yap’s premises.
20 Sep 2017
In all the discussion of this horror, it’s important to recall that Women, Monstrosity and Horror Film is an academic text. There’s a difficulty in reviewing such texts for the lay reader—potential audiences are so different that the writing itself can (unintentionally) exclude. Reviewing as a lay reader, this came across very much as a text of two halves.
18 Sep 2017
It's lonely in the company of secrets that others can't know or won't believe exist.
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