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24 Feb 2017
A series that deals with angels, the science of immortality, and friendly-looking scientists who kidnap people to experiment on them in basements, The OA offers some fresh takes—as well as moments of muddled, cliché philosophical "insights."
22 Feb 2017
Boullosa’s writing miraculously encapsulates the texture of a real dream, in which obscure and inexplicably unsettling images wrestle with everyday normality in a battle for supremacy within a landscape that seems forever on the verge of dissolution.
20 Feb 2017
When narratives of slavery focus on whiteness, it serves as a silent way of pushing Black Americans out of our own history.
17 Feb 2017
And, thank goodness, it is not a comforting read—there is no resolution. No claim that gods—or stories—will solve your problems. No heroes. No fulfilment of expectations.
17 Feb 2017
Marvel's Luke Cage looks at trauma from an intersectional point of view—one which doesn't center whiteness or stereotypes of Black masculinity.
13 Feb 2017
What would it mean for your identity to have an experience that is not yours? Who are you if, however fleetingly, you are also someone else?
10 Feb 2017
For a work overshadowed by folktales and infused with mythology, the quality of Brennan’s plotting and wordcraft —lush and dreamy though they are —are not the real stars; Ree, and her universal quest for identity and mastery of her own fate, take that title.
8 Feb 2017
Everything about The Doomed City is a repudiation of the philosophy that holds that human affairs can be rationally directed to a benevolent end.
6 Feb 2017
Ironically, though The Blair Witch Project was a hugely influential horror film, it seems to have very little influence on its 2016 sequel. The two might have nearly the same plot, but they are drastically different in tone and style.
1 Feb 2017
All of the stories in this collection are by indigenous writers, LGBT and/or two-spirit and their allies, and they deliberately employ science fiction as a way of imagining a future that is positively indigenous and positively LGBT, but also simply, plainly positive.
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