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30 Sep 2022
The novel's body-snatching is a versatile metaphor for sexual violence, colonialism, capitalism, and the intersection between the three.
28 Sep 2022
The detail included in these panels and pages (as they are often full spread pages) requests the reader’s time, drawing the eye in, mimicking the slow shots of horizons and sunsets.
26 Sep 2022
At the philosophical heart of the book is the question of how humans might protect the planet most effectively: by abandoning or employing technology?
23 Sep 2022
Both these novels are powerful in giving voice to marginalized or dispossessed characters without being flat, formulaic, or overly discursive.
21 Sep 2022
Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s latest novel is chimeric.
21 Sep 2022
“Fanfiction-esque” original stories have to create both the story and the space for characters to react and grow within it. The Hourglass Throne shows Edwards juggling those elements to excellent effect.
16 Sep 2022
It is an existential but natural crisis that presents itself in The Junction.
14 Sep 2022
The stories in Memories of Tomorrow explore a future Basque region and beyond, along with destructive multinational corporations, mysterious alien entities, busy spaceports, and brave individuals.
12 Sep 2022
Addison's inspiration seems to lie outside the fantasy genre.
9 Sep 2022
In Just Like Mother, Anne Heltzel explores a survivor’s life.
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