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20 Jan 2017
Post-apocalyptic dystopias are all the rage with contemporary British writers this year. Go into any bookshop and you will spot at least one: perhaps Jim Crace's The Pesthouse (Picador) or Sarah Hall's The Carhullan Army (Faber and Faber) or, most likely of all, Jeanette Winterson's new novel, The Stone Gods (Hamish Hamilton).
18 Jan 2017
Human beings need a challenge. If they've got nothing to do, they crack up. This is not a new idea, particularly among the brave new worlds of dystopian science fiction.
16 Jan 2017
I'm not the target audience for Douglas Lain's Deserts of Fire. There are many reasons for this. As a book, it takes the United States for its centre and its history is drawn from the same context; consequently, its attempt at intervention in these narratives is also drawn from this context.
13 Jan 2017
Perhaps Bennett never stopped writing about America when he began City of Stairs.
11 Jan 2017
What kind of movie could one make of a story where a person decides to accept that they will live a life full of joy and pain, beforehand?
9 Jan 2017
I hope that fellow grouchy science fiction and fantasy readers will find Age of Blight and be similarly reassured, as I was, that they’re not the only ones long past the sense of possibility that accompanies worry, and on to simply coping and adapting (or failing to, and wanting books to relate to just the same).
6 Jan 2017
Once your signifiers begin pointing back at themselves, you’re in trouble.
4 Jan 2017
Our reviewers select the best - and sometimes otherwise - of genre from the year just gone.
2 Jan 2017
Our reviewers select the best - and sometimes otherwise - of genre from the year just gone.
23 Dec 2016
This novel is liberally dotted with the verbal equivalent of establishing shots: the type of camera work that often doesn’t propel the narrative forward, but isn’t quite a tease.
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16 Jan 2017

Strange Horizons
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Podcast read by: Anaea Lay
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Podcast read by: Anaea Lay