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17 Jul 2017
I want the audience to feel almost both the feeling of not wanting to look at the image, but somehow not being able to look away.
22 May 2017
"If change is inevitable, predictable, beneficial, doesn't logic demand that you be a part of it?"
8 May 2017
I see many pencil stubs, spent Wacom nibs, and an alarming amount of coffee in my future.
24 Apr 2017
The worse the situation becomes, the more necessary to imagine something better.
10 Apr 2017
I want the viewer to feel the piece even if they don’t understand it.
27 Feb 2017
The question that’s more interesting than whether the book is any good or not, and more answerable in these early days, is what the nature of its ideal reader is, and how the text gives its hints of what it expects from us.
20 Feb 2017
"Silhouette is an important part of regular illustration and animation anyway, because it is one of the first elements that makes a picture intelligible."
30 Jan 2017
Both in and outside fiction, we are pushed to the past tense. The reality is, many Indigenous cultures in North America survived an apocalypse. The key word is survived. Any future with us in it, triumphant and flourishing, is a hopeful one.
23 Jan 2017
There has been much discussion about Ann Leckie’s treatment of gender in the Imperial Radch trilogy, Ancillary Justice, Ancillary Sword, and Ancillary Mercy The Radchaai, after whom the trilogy is named, have no language for expressing gendered difference.
16 Jan 2017
Resistance is struggle. The struggle can be physical or emotional or ideological, but there is always something for individuals in collective resistance movements to have to reckon with.
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