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5 Dec 2016
Slow food is all the rage with hipsters today, so why not slow illustration?
28 Nov 2016
"The one serious thing you can learn from trying (and failing) to understand an alien way of being is how extraordinarily difficult it is to be alive at all."
31 Oct 2016
"I propose that we try to reconsider some key elements of the fantastic genre, both those that are more traditional as well as the ones which, in my opinion, are erupting with force in this new century"
24 Oct 2016
Can we write our adaptation into existence before disaster happens?
10 Oct 2016
...keep pillows, pets and your favourite comfort beverage handy. You'll need them all.
26 Sep 2016
Terraforming narratives incorporate reflections on sustainability and, further, lead us to reflect on the meaning of nature, culture and the environment in ways that prompt us to begin the first steps to reconceptualising our relationship to a nature that has interlocking global and local implications and effects.
26 Sep 2016
Introducing Ferin in Goldenhand was definitely in response to the conversation that has been ongoing in YA literature circles: we do need more diversity. How to do it can be tricky, of course, because there are issues of cultural appropriation as well to be avoided.
29 Aug 2016
That attraction/repulsion thing with vulnerability again, I can mark out an author who came from fandom a mile away. Weight in small gestures, terror, gentleness.
29 Aug 2016
It's interesting to me that people instantly try to categorize this future into "utopia" or "dystopia" because we don't really have a category for "pretty good future with some flaws."
22 Aug 2016
Almost no other show, genre or otherwise, is as well-written as Blakes 7...I want people who enjoy, talk about and make art to know where the good shit is and where the bar should be set.
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