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25 Nov 2019
Reading “Good Hunting,” which fuses Sinology with speculative fiction, makes me feel something I can’t quite articulate, between the Eureka spark of insight and the quiet thrill of winning a game.
29 Oct 2019
Orcs are a species—more commonly labeled a “race”—of wicked, dangerous humanoids found en masse in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth as well as most of analog and electronic gaming. But Tolkien derived their ugly appearance and savage temperament, like almost all orcish traits common across different media, from a long and painful history.
30 Sep 2019
While I write these words, the Amazon rainforest is burning.
24 Sep 2019
Sumiko Saulson and Tristissima et alia lead a roundtable of authors about the future of diversity in speculative fiction.
27 Aug 2019
He is now writing another idea about a monk in a monastery and a monster and a village.
26 Aug 2019
Now it feels like a lag is happening. A disconnect between the writers and the people the books are written for. In an ideal world, YA books would be written for current teen readers, but they’re not.
29 Jul 2019
The structures of Clytemnestra and Essun’s societies are built upon a foundation of subjugation and control of people like them: women and orogenes, respectively.
22 Jul 2019
Yeah, the horizon is broad for African SFF, maybe too broad I fear. Like you intimated, the light is on AfroSFF and us writers are defining and redefining its boundaries every day.
8 Jul 2019
Contrary to dominant post-apocalyptic literature and film, underprivileged groups are likelier to look forward, towards a future time when all they have ever known will change for the better and they can dare to look beyond basic existence and relatedness needs and push for growth. Privileged groups, however, are likelier to yearn more for a return to the old ways, to a time when they were more advantaged. Because the fall from grace will be long and hard for them, this yearning and desire will likelier be top-of-mind and come off stronger in the film and literature presenting these scenarios.
2 Jun 2019
So let’s get down to it: what technologies can we make use of to build our generation ship?
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