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24 Jun 2024
Speculative poetry has the power to detach and disarm, to tease and pull, to play and emancipate.
20 Jun 2024
The field of draconic phonetics and phonology has made great strides in the last two decades, and the basic groundwork has at long last been laid, though at great cost.
12 Jun 2024
It’s not difficult to see K and Joi as trans; they are a constructed man and woman whose presence in society is only tolerated as much as they can be used. Their play at the 50s nuclear family seems all the more ridiculous because they’re not “real” people, not “really” a man and woman. Not to mention that it’s revealed later that K is actually a little girl in the memory that defines him. Gender is afoot.
11 Jun 2024
So Bangla SF is trying to balance all these different things: scientific knowledge without scientism, cultural antiquity without jingoism, seriousness of the knowledge without seriousness of the scientist, etc. And the way to get that through is the tonal jollity. The local aesthetic traditions help a lot in shaping the way the stories get told.
27 May 2024
Between were-tigers, -panthers and even -reindeer, the metamorphosing, animalistic female figure has a long and winding history behind it. It is a complicated story that can only really be made sense of from an intersectional perspective, recognising the need of patriarchal societies to cast its disruptors in the twin categories of “other,” cultural and sexual. Yet crucially, the very attraction of these stories, their wide appeal among viewers, readers and listeners across times and places, also inevitably opens up space for ambiguous sympathies and counternarratives.
30 Apr 2024
The thing is; I don’t set out to write neurodivergent characters. I write people – fictional people who are drawn from the people around me, the way I experience the world, and my understanding of these experiences. Too bad if other people refuse to afford my experiences as being real or relatable.
25 Mar 2024
Significantly, neither the humans nor the tigers are shown to possess an original or authoritative version of the narrative, and it is only in such collaborative and dialogic encounters that human-animal relations and entanglements can be dis-entangled.
26 Feb 2024
Language blasts through the malicious intentions and blows them to ash. Language rises triumphant over fangs and claws. Language, in other words, is presented as something more than a medium for communication. Language, regardless of how it is purposed, must be recognized as a weapon.
29 Jan 2024
Nicole Beck, ML Clark, Shinjini Dey, and Catherine Rockwood review a volume of career-spanning criticism—and then review themselves.
29 Jan 2024
In this conversation, Martin Petto and Electra Pritchett discuss reading Prophet from within the traditions of SFF—but also what its relationship to that literature and community means more broadly for literature’s approach to the quotidian and science fictional, to audiences of different kinds, and to form itself.
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