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17 Feb 2020
Slip out of duty like a loose shirt. Hide from the biting hum of time.
10 Feb 2020
Please follow the instructions for reading this poem: 1. Imagine a cage. Any cage, of any size. 2. Love the cage. The cage is your friend.
3 Feb 2020
Apocalypse, at sunset: / Noxious gasses / form animal clouds
27 Jan 2020
Oozing dripping grey tentacles maim & rip open everyone at the party while you & I keep vaping out here by the garage.
20 Jan 2020
But I thought of apple skin clinging to a curve, yet unshaped by apple-sorcery.
13 Jan 2020
My child has a new face / Something came out of her
6 Jan 2020
Do you want to be made love to?
23 Dec 2019
one day we woke up left-handed. the tanks had come while we slept, driving on the wrong side of the road.
16 Dec 2019
lightning, wind, husks of trees / down from the night sky. / This celestial and terrestrial war / fire and water
9 Dec 2019
I stand in a cell for suffrage.
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