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11 Dec 2017
You enter the house. / You are in a small room. / You hope you will / be safe in here / from the aliens / disguised as FBI agents.
27 Nov 2017
when she speaks there are phrases missing / words strung up in incoherent pieces / memories juggling between myth and history
20 Nov 2017
This is the whole world: your shirt
stretched against your heartbeat,
your collar chafing your throat
13 Nov 2017
They say they want you to catch the man in the moon, So they have you lay back and unravel your braid And look up.
6 Nov 2017
the Museum of Gray Matter consists entirely of horsehair ladders & Malaysian body wave paneling
30 Oct 2017
i was born at twilight always looking for the hour when the moon and the sun share the sky
30 Oct 2017
In the business of things that don’t earn you much I am a dandelion and you are a symphony
30 Oct 2017
On the village approach road, the hyena who stalked my grandfather has been waiting a long time
30 Oct 2017
You abhor the sunlight and you’ve taught us to avoid it. We sleep as soundless, motionless dolls, hands upon sheets, closed eyelids pointed heavenward, a hundred thousand miles away from you.
23 Oct 2017
The stalk enters, a *woman, a disorganized swarm. Instead of a murmuration, a violent pitching of bodies and pieces like things thrown, a not-quite-controlled explosion.
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