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18 Feb 2019
Avoid fallen angels at all costs. / They are sanctimonious.
12 Feb 2019
you and I huddled by the space heater in Baba Yaga’s hut / laptops open
5 Feb 2019
She traces the mistakes inscribed on / the infinite wax cylinder of the world
28 Jan 2019
you knew it was me / wearing the face of a clerk.
21 Jan 2019
you tell me Fake Hermes Handbags sent you and I am suspicious that’s not the name of a real person
14 Jan 2019
a dotted line points down the stairs
8 Jan 2019
it hurts to unbutton / his name from / your skin, undo the map / his hands made
31 Dec 2018
the first time we met, we were both having check-ups done
31 Dec 2018
Sleek and carbon fiber, nanotubes and filtering intact
31 Dec 2018
So where are you now? I thought we were supposed to fight the dragons together
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