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4 Jul 2022
in full day you’re hillock and divot, camouflaged in plain sight
4 Jul 2022
you ask Mother. She wraps you in teeth, tendrils,
2 Jul 2022
my companions saw a golden statue and seized a rope
28 Jun 2022
my grandmother was a bear, you know, so that’s probably why
27 Jun 2022
A crack in my leg opened my world, shattered it like thunder announces the arrival of lightning
27 Jun 2022
it's only natural that // If I'm going, I want to be gone with you.
20 Jun 2022
Each insect like each other, each human equally stone
20 Jun 2022
It is all recorded, the misfortunes of all grandmothers and even the triumphs of an ant
14 Jun 2022
stretching its spiral arms up the curve of my backbone
13 Jun 2022
this serious girl with a documentary got me by the arm started walking
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