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8 Aug 2020
When your people came down from the stars / we put you in jails and cellars and basements
3 Aug 2020
the freedom offered by thrashing four limbs, by holding your mouth perfectly ajar like a grotto spitting bubbles
By: JD Fox
20 Jul 2020
The sun is really white you know / Because it's light / I know
13 Jul 2020
blending in with the crumbling paint on the cabinets that never closed, not fully
6 Jul 2020
Landing feels like getting off a trampoline, / The weightlessness fading to muscle memory
29 Jun 2020
in the name / of Mercy / I wished a wish―which the Universe soon granted―
29 Jun 2020
a quake fractured my wall, / but my portraits didn’t fall. / They disappeared one by one
29 Jun 2020
And on the terrace: Célia. Dark fur shining like tar in the moonlight, snout long and wrinkled.
22 Jun 2020
I can’t / help friending you on Facebook just to show how great my / life’s gotten
15 Jun 2020
The memories of the lost / turning in their burnished locks
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