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18 Oct 2021
A low-slung hoverlimo, which coiled upward
11 Oct 2021
GREEN is the color of everything sexy in this world. / you PINK up the telephone and say, YELLOW! call us
4 Oct 2021
i dreamed once. i dreamed once. i dreamed once.
4 Oct 2021
my chest is a sky-rack of immaculateness, a cheesecloth adjusted to keep birds from nesting
2 Oct 2021
pakicetus, a kind of rutty wiener-dog from 50,000,000 years ago and yes, you speak the same language.
27 Sep 2021
I knew the transplant of the Weeping
20 Sep 2021
"When we die again, I want to come back as a little brown bat," / I tell the only other person alive.
13 Sep 2021
Who will volunteer to put their right hand on this marble table?
6 Sep 2021
old dowagers stand back to watch
30 Aug 2021
and of course, there are the rules: say sorry before you pee into a tree, don’t bring pork into the camp
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