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15 Apr 2019
She left a twig or two from her besom when she swept Autumn from the hall. Where she was then is now an absence shaped very much like her.
8 Apr 2019
They zoom past, / sleek and shiny, / picking up dust from / medieval Arab, / Christian and Jewish / monuments.
1 Apr 2019
my rooster’s voice clattering all day like a glass breaking again and again
18 Mar 2019
who’d have thought
11 Mar 2019
This particular lady worked on functions / converging “almost everywhere”
4 Mar 2019
I left you months before you left this /planet
25 Feb 2019
Home is become where I do not know how to pronounce.
18 Feb 2019
Avoid fallen angels at all costs. / They are sanctimonious.
12 Feb 2019
you and I huddled by the space heater in Baba Yaga’s hut / laptops open
5 Feb 2019
She traces the mistakes inscribed on / the infinite wax cylinder of the world
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