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30 Mar 2020
what the map said was once a buffalo jump
30 Mar 2020
Between us, there are threads of doubt, unwinding spools like spider webs across the scalded earth
30 Mar 2020
Fixing my pipes, for the plumber, / is a simple thing. He whistles gently as I tell him / about the yellow eyes I saw last night.
23 Mar 2020
We had never seen naked men do what we did.
16 Mar 2020
If there is a universe for every possibility, is there a universe where all the bad things happened?
9 Mar 2020
the frost comes for what they leave behind
2 Mar 2020
barks, it sounds like fireworks. / Runs off and emerges later to drop / Spit-drenched ball at the feet of myself.
24 Feb 2020
tight braids coiled into isles and continents against our scalps
17 Feb 2020
Slip out of duty like a loose shirt. Hide from the biting hum of time.
10 Feb 2020
Please follow the instructions for reading this poem: 1. Imagine a cage. Any cage, of any size. 2. Love the cage. The cage is your friend.
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