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29 Nov 2021
Are you a good witch / or a bad witch? / as if there’s an answer earned, inscribed in bubbles reflecting an inverse crown.
29 Nov 2021
This world, covered in spectral ebullience, was tied together by bows of light
29 Nov 2021
Perhaps a new urban system of star navigation is needed
22 Nov 2021
They put quilting on her metal limbs so that we could nuzzle into her embrace.
15 Nov 2021
Freedom, you once told me, is to go unseen / a kite with no string, a bird with no name at all
8 Nov 2021
A thing is sweet, sweetest, sweet is
1 Nov 2021
It’s not fair, she says. No one has trouble breathing in the movies. What about the science?
18 Oct 2021
A low-slung hoverlimo, which coiled upward
11 Oct 2021
GREEN is the color of everything sexy in this world. / you PINK up the telephone and say, YELLOW! call us
4 Oct 2021
i dreamed once. i dreamed once. i dreamed once.
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