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19 Feb 2018
Before I opened my eyes / I was a massacre for the dark:
12 Feb 2018
Have more wine, my dearest, yes
5 Feb 2018
O Pendulum of the Years / unravel / this
29 Jan 2018
I say, your transgender / child self isn’t a ghost, but you insist.
29 Jan 2018
What’s a thing that disappears / The more it creates, / And the more it destroys—
29 Jan 2018
the day your teacher asks what your epitaph, your lineage, will be is the day you learn that in this world your death is the strongest thing you build.
22 Jan 2018
I see a line of ants, a long continuum of subtle disturbance, a columnar
8 Jan 2018
We never held Second Line for the Quarter, / just packed what wasn’t moldy or soggy and left.
1 Jan 2018
I am my mother. / Pea-sized feet, delicate as an egg. / Freshly severed from cords that kill, / and feed, and bind.
18 Dec 2017
A romance, between the Forest and the Sea, / where the Sea is a woman covered only in seakelp
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