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16 Jul 2019
a pay phone stands obsolete, a line of ghosts waiting
15 Jul 2019
I know you wanted an RL dog / but they’re rare now / and expensive.
12 Jul 2019
A Pan-Asian queen’s voice of profanity and agony with no makeup on, rubbing the guitar fret
8 Jul 2019
It is General Patton’s pipe & a pair of fake Prada shoes.
1 Jul 2019
Our responsibility does not extend to the things you might be forgetting
30 Jun 2019
thrust reversed, rachides cracked, barbs catching at this new skin
17 Jun 2019
impotent, impatient, incapable of respecting Anything
10 Jun 2019
this world is not kind to anybody / least of all witchgirls
3 Jun 2019
She doesn’t need to ask what turned this woman into parts.
27 May 2019
“Robots have been crying for two thousand years, as you well know,” she said.
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