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9 Sep 2019
abandoned but whole, and full, and drenched with the perfumes of summer nights and rose-hush
2 Sep 2019
The Negotiators whispered into the miniscule minds of the tiny pests, a poke here, a prod there
26 Aug 2019
they still nudge my head with their nose now, / let me stroke their fur.
19 Aug 2019
we can’t stop helping each other / the last of the water / gone
12 Aug 2019
You will know when: when no body / can shove you off balance—
5 Aug 2019
I brush my teeth every / morning and after every meal and before / I lie down in bed with my coins and shroud.
29 Jul 2019
Salvage, they call it, but no one comes for it. We are alone, floating in space.
29 Jul 2019
everything a superhero / (or villain) / is supposed to be / and she / isn’t
29 Jul 2019
There is no guard rail. It would be easy for someone reckless to leap across.
22 Jul 2019
chatting with each other about the dark weather, stuttering in their time loops
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