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17 Jul 2017
One furred toe wore the wedding band / I gave him. Tips of sheathed claws / pricked at my skin.
10 Jul 2017
Just to meet our eyes will be to face a Gorgon; / to hear our cackles will be to feel / hyenas tearing at the hamstring.
3 Jul 2017
"No," my mother says. Ear pressed to my chest, / she counts in time to the chambers’ moans. / "Fill it with salt water, so that only / those who thrive there may stay."
19 Jun 2017
We skipped over years / like stones / in all directions.
12 Jun 2017
The first time that morning, your face stole / from rasps lanterned: chariot of sun / racing gold in the glare of rays
5 Jun 2017
He measured and poured. Shaping, caressing, / he coaxed me into being.
29 May 2017
The dragon orders an iced caramel mocha, / tapping her foot impatiently / while she waits in line.
22 May 2017
Quiet, I was getting ready / to be that lovely spill / of golden light
15 May 2017
Should you chose to stay, / make sure to adjust your life expectancy accordingly.
8 May 2017
it howls / the beast black-backed and fanged / his language languishing
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