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21 Sep 2020
You like that every single word, image, and idea in my poetry has meaning and is put there for a reason, so when you ask about the plant in my poem and need to know more about it. . .
14 Sep 2020
A daguerreotype of the yeti matriarch who led an Imperial French expedition to safety across nine wide crevasses.
7 Sep 2020
There are things besides coyotes to watch for out here
31 Aug 2020
I wish I knew this earlier in life: each healing creates a debt.
31 Aug 2020
Complaint about the Railway Association by non-members who are super done
31 Aug 2020
mine was the mouth you drank from, a cup of pearls.
24 Aug 2020
They cough red and yellow into handkerchiefs
17 Aug 2020
The doctors say rage is not a flower.
8 Aug 2020
When your people came down from the stars / we put you in jails and cellars and basements
3 Aug 2020
the freedom offered by thrashing four limbs, by holding your mouth perfectly ajar like a grotto spitting bubbles
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