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18 Jan 2021
Soft Shoulder speaking softly / quick-stop-tongued lanky cur dog / lisping languid in jeans
11 Jan 2021
a place nicknamed The Village of Fatherless Children
4 Jan 2021
Imagine if you had—so to speak—no skin. If anybody could borrow your locked-up possessions.
21 Dec 2020
We were just going to the grocery store.
14 Dec 2020
Is there any truth to what they say? That telepaths fall in love like breathing?
7 Dec 2020
Through mandrake groves and tangled vines, / Enchanted love, intoxicating wine.
30 Nov 2020
I thought it was one of those reserved for tourists and ignorant throats. / pensé que era uno de esos reservados para turistas y catadores ignorantes.
30 Nov 2020
drinking the symphony of the galactic parrot / bebe la sinfonia del pájaro galáctico / sk’upinbe sk’ejoj mutal yut vinajel
30 Nov 2020
The painful stigmata did not let me drive for long. / El doloroso estigma no me permitió conducir.
23 Nov 2020
Everybody thinks at first that time has somehow been reversed.
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