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17 Sep 2018
if I pretend I’m a machine, I can stay calm
10 Sep 2018
O bone, o bone, o bone.
3 Sep 2018
Wanda knew better than the mesmerism that swept the spacestation.
27 Aug 2018
a song wide enough to cover my body
20 Aug 2018
You need to go into the wilderness, but there’s no one to take you.
13 Aug 2018
I hold your cold hand / and wish that time's arrow could pierce us backwards
6 Aug 2018
the two of them bicker heedless of the querulous dead surrounding them silently bellowing life’s too short
30 Jul 2018
me, with a mole the size of the moon sitting beneath my left nostril
30 Jul 2018
I threw a chair at my dad
23 Jul 2018
Was it this thin before, / When I raced through to the end / In a single breath?
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