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10 Jun 2019
this world is not kind to anybody / least of all witchgirls
3 Jun 2019
She doesn’t need to ask what turned this woman into parts.
27 May 2019
“Robots have been crying for two thousand years, as you well know,” she said.
20 May 2019
Between the floorboards seedlings rise
13 May 2019
these, too, are almost the same
6 May 2019
creatures came coated with yolks of myths
29 Apr 2019
a body falls to the earth like hammered nails & all that remains is a dirt mound melting in the rain.
29 Apr 2019
My hand it was, not me / Not my hand, it’s my finger to blame
29 Apr 2019
trying to make sense of the mortgage, / watching a black-crowned cock pass like an omen
22 Apr 2019
Moving in a pas de basque, knowing it’s the same if she steps forward or back
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