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20 Sep 2021
"When we die again, I want to come back as a little brown bat," / I tell the only other person alive.
13 Sep 2021
Who will volunteer to put their right hand on this marble table?
6 Sep 2021
old dowagers stand back to watch
30 Aug 2021
and of course, there are the rules: say sorry before you pee into a tree, don’t bring pork into the camp
30 Aug 2021
I cannot imagine you yet but I can try.
30 Aug 2021
Dear Property Developer, from one monster to another: I’m scared.
30 Aug 2021
no other insomniac notices me in the neighbourhood Kwik Dobi, open 24 hours
30 Aug 2021
Lạc Long Quân, king of the dragons, darling son of the seas, wished upon the river delta with such a will and an ache
30 Aug 2021
I burn skin-suits, sheens of motor-oil in the basement.
30 Aug 2021
swirls of copper blue and barium green, jet-streams of oxygen spun like pinwheels
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