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20 Feb 2017
Which is the way love is, / destroying half your / world, by accident
13 Feb 2017
Salt-tears. / Coconut offerings. / The hunger-pang of unanswered prayer.
6 Feb 2017
before fighting crime, he takes off his binder puts on a wig pulls on clothes he's glad he didn't throw away.
30 Jan 2017
I heard once, a rupture chooses who it wants to break.
30 Jan 2017
Both our natal goddesses / fell to shivering lands / whose coasts are swallowed / and subsumed by floods
30 Jan 2017
They flung his head onto his rust-kissed beater truck / like a drummer’s mallet smacks leather
30 Jan 2017
Before the sun rises, I’ll place my eyes back, / inside out. I want to see everything I was ever afraid of.
30 Jan 2017
To me, he had always been living legend. Unattainable, spinning out of reach from me / like planets from their moons.
30 Jan 2017
Tell me again that my kisses are magic, / that my mouth unfolds longing like a landslide.
23 Jan 2017
A joke in our school, passed
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