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14 Aug 2017
you died prosaically
at only forty-four

felled by a heart attack
on a bus at Hollywood and Vine
7 Aug 2017
Mind the grackles on your car, in the driveway here. They love side-view mirrors where they stare into their own button eyes. Hear them laugh? They cherish the bouncing sound of their own voices like sand passing through glass—the scrape of crystal in their gullets.
31 Jul 2017
The vegetarian ones are no safer than the others. In fact beware of those that are expected to take root and keep growing. Colours can be misleading— if you're served grey kebabs, do not be afraid to ask for those special glasses. Remember, the things you fail to see properly, at first, are often the prettiest. And though your guide books and petty officials will tell you otherwise, do not go empty handed. Carry a few sugar-dusted biscuits to spread out as an expected dessert, or unabashedly produce a jar of your mother's green chutney from a sleeve. You see the point in venturing into the unknown is not adventure or fame or fortune or even escape.
24 Jul 2017
Every pot and knife, a fishhook / embedding me deeper here.
17 Jul 2017
One furred toe wore the wedding band / I gave him. Tips of sheathed claws / pricked at my skin.
10 Jul 2017
Just to meet our eyes will be to face a Gorgon; / to hear our cackles will be to feel / hyenas tearing at the hamstring.
3 Jul 2017
"No," my mother says. Ear pressed to my chest, / she counts in time to the chambers’ moans. / "Fill it with salt water, so that only / those who thrive there may stay."
19 Jun 2017
We skipped over years / like stones / in all directions.
12 Jun 2017
The first time that morning, your face stole / from rasps lanterned: chariot of sun / racing gold in the glare of rays
5 Jun 2017
He measured and poured. Shaping, caressing, / he coaxed me into being.
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