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11 Nov 2019
You’re the girl with the basket full of bread and cream, who wandered somehow into this life.
11 Nov 2019
your spongy tongue | as political as begging the world to drown
28 Oct 2019
crest the hill on my courser black as bee stripes / with honey in my eyes.
21 Oct 2019
It had been awhile since Bridget had feasted
14 Oct 2019
atol de elote, pho, boba, pupusas / Taco Tuesday tacos, one dollar Spam musubi
7 Oct 2019
the myriad flavours of ancient childhoods burst on our tongues in virtual experience
30 Sep 2019
is there not power in a man who resists long after his final breath has slowed?
30 Sep 2019
sat backwards, my rider not knowing the difference
30 Sep 2019
the sky doesn't know her reasons
16 Sep 2019
I wasn’t made at all. Out of the silence I was blurted out.
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