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24 Apr 2017
Li turned Gan's words over, / trying to find in them / the proof he needed.
17 Apr 2017
There will come a time / when even the explorers / have nothing left to record.
10 Apr 2017
some irregularity of color, as imprecise as / the signal they are chasing is exact
3 Apr 2017
Our eyes briefly met as I tried to save an ancient tome while you opened my chest with a sturdy swing of your battle-axe.
3 Apr 2017
we all slept late and I woke up the first / with Nix snoring through the wall, and the whole house / gray and still
20 Mar 2017
Ground of blood and mother’s wails, the rush / of suited skeletons, lining to their next daily death
13 Mar 2017
A conductor stares into / the whites of the soldier’s eyes / on the six a.m. commute
6 Mar 2017
Take care of your tagmas / and sharpen your flames, / circumvent, if you can, the red giants’ call.
27 Feb 2017
it helps to think of yourself as a painting / impressionists, renaissance, flesh adored / in wild color and gorgeous light
20 Feb 2017
Which is the way love is, / destroying half your / world, by accident
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