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13 Jan 2020
My child has a new face / Something came out of her
6 Jan 2020
Do you want to be made love to?
23 Dec 2019
one day we woke up left-handed. the tanks had come while we slept, driving on the wrong side of the road.
16 Dec 2019
lightning, wind, husks of trees / down from the night sky. / This celestial and terrestrial war / fire and water
9 Dec 2019
I stand in a cell for suffrage.
2 Dec 2019
small bones / holding flecks of ash / rigid in her hands.
25 Nov 2019
You might call us cyborgs but our augmentation is mostly flesh
18 Nov 2019
because everything in death is both forgetting and remembering, he’s already discovered the dragon’s name
11 Nov 2019
You’re the girl with the basket full of bread and cream, who wandered somehow into this life.
11 Nov 2019
your spongy tongue | as political as begging the world to drown
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