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1 Mar 2021
“I am dead!” I yell at him. By this time the camera has slid into his stomach
22 Feb 2021
he wants a six-figure expert / on minimal wage / and gets you
15 Feb 2021
Don’t be afraid if you swelter—the sunbird has that effect.
8 Feb 2021
To be the unwitched sister is to know ynth. To be a spacesuit filled with blood on a planet filled with spacesuits filled with blood.
1 Feb 2021
We cannot understand yet where this virus will take us.
25 Jan 2021
Only I, who pack years in my bags like souvenirs, can arrive, leave and come back, unchanged. | Sólo yo, que empaco los años como recuerdos en mis maletas, puedo llegar, salir y volver, sin nunca cambiar.
18 Jan 2021
Soft Shoulder speaking softly / quick-stop-tongued lanky cur dog / lisping languid in jeans
11 Jan 2021
a place nicknamed The Village of Fatherless Children
4 Jan 2021
Imagine if you had—so to speak—no skin. If anybody could borrow your locked-up possessions.
21 Dec 2020
We were just going to the grocery store.
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