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16 Oct 2017
Memories have permanence,
tattooed anchors.
9 Oct 2017
I'm idling on a zone, radar low, My panels and windows staring
2 Oct 2017
I think I am decomposing.
22 Sep 2017
Our stories bind us / To the stars,
18 Sep 2017
The testosterone makes me look half-beast / My heart hammers each time I see the needle.
11 Sep 2017
If there was a ghost, he's gone now and no one / can hurt you.
4 Sep 2017
The keystone state is turning into a mermaid.
28 Aug 2017
I contort the Rubik cube leaf puzzle, the leaves slip off the cube, dissolve and scatter
23 Aug 2017
The bikes whir and flap, playing cards clipped to their spokes with clothespins, / and as the youngest passes, she sees the seven of clubs fastened to one wheel
23 Aug 2017
These spectral tendrils twine and snake / into confines of my most closely guarded secrets
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