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23 Nov 2020
Everybody thinks at first that time has somehow been reversed.
16 Nov 2020
Many ******* love to engage in self-destructive behavior/self-sabotage & / America loves to see it!!
9 Nov 2020
Before his bed, he kneeled and pointed his head at the world.
2 Nov 2020
You think this story is yours, but it isn’t; you haven’t escaped the labyrinth
19 Oct 2020
I may be eyeless but I can see through the eyes of everyone and everything. My parents put cameras all over the house
12 Oct 2020
an animal to another recommended/The Story of the Eye. . .
5 Oct 2020
For each question below, use red ink to circle the option that best describes your beliefs.
28 Sep 2020
disaster arrived; it is a promise
21 Sep 2020
You like that every single word, image, and idea in my poetry has meaning and is put there for a reason, so when you ask about the plant in my poem and need to know more about it. . .
14 Sep 2020
A daguerreotype of the yeti matriarch who led an Imperial French expedition to safety across nine wide crevasses.
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