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16 Jul 2018
The lies our wise queen weaves cinch her chest. / "I am a dutiful wife," she says. Breath hitches.
9 Jul 2018
When you awoke from surgery, / you’d forgotten your first name.
2 Jul 2018
You guys, I have a probe!
18 Jun 2018
I kicked the pony but night still came.
11 Jun 2018
Or maybe it's me who's changed shape, / my ribcage a crucible too hot to hold her.
4 Jun 2018
We protected them, these unbarked /whose sweat and salt quenched /our roots.
28 May 2018
But in truth, my mother always preferred /plumbing to poetry /ravening in the delight of one wheel turning another.
21 May 2018
Dendrites stretching through void
14 May 2018
It begins with a shudder, / a small tremblor. / Then a slippage of faith.
7 May 2018
Their first mistake was letting me choose the task. / These proud suitors
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