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12 Nov 2018
they gaze too long at your mortality / until you wish your body / was so transparent
5 Nov 2018
Who? You may ask. Our call: Who-We, like owls sounding like they are quite enjoying themselves.
22 Oct 2018
A tapestry, shorn— / tearing through the tattered sleeve— / scarlet, muscle, bone
15 Oct 2018
we created blueprints of better living / on the jagged edges of Mars / before Mars knew who she was
8 Oct 2018
who has a mother? I say, all babies but also:
1 Oct 2018
I see this circus / in your eyes when you / look at me
25 Sep 2018
That inkblot bruise on your belly—it bloomed like a dying star.
24 Sep 2018
Worthless to waste grief / on ancient tragedies.
24 Sep 2018
If you insist upon leaving / set your affairs in order first.
17 Sep 2018
if I pretend I’m a machine, I can stay calm
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