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25 May 2020
Standing in a boxlike room. I see my feet. Yellow-blue light, like fog.
18 May 2020
One spring day, My grandfather caught the universe that just revived.
11 May 2020
there are emerald hummingbirds at the window / snapping their beaks against the fairyglass / but she will never let them in
4 May 2020
in my silver mask and my yellow gun / still humming with golden bees
20 Apr 2020
She started this war for you, you know / The boy who taught Death / Romantic gestures have their roots / In violence.
13 Apr 2020
The slippery fish, while I think / Has begun to nibble at my toes
6 Apr 2020
Pom-pom balls attached to yarn, growing like millions of dandelion seed-heads waving in a field.
30 Mar 2020
what the map said was once a buffalo jump
30 Mar 2020
Between us, there are threads of doubt, unwinding spools like spider webs across the scalded earth
30 Mar 2020
Fixing my pipes, for the plumber, / is a simple thing. He whistles gently as I tell him / about the yellow eyes I saw last night.
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