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19 Dec 2016
There are a lot of kinds of video games out there. There are mobile games primarily meant to pleasantly fill the few minutes you stand in lines or wait on hold (but can expand to take over hours every day).
21 Nov 2016
A whirlwind is the beginning. . . . And in a whirlwind is the end. Yet the seed is in the whirlwind, and in the kiss of snow.
14 Nov 2016
I’m not an expert on the current state of SF publishing. Twenty-plus years ago, a distinguished New York editor told me, “Given the current state for publishing, Eleanor, your career as a novelist is dead.” I think now I shouldn’t have listened to him.
17 Oct 2016
...nor will any novel or other form of scrying ever fully succeed to address realities which must become uncanny (which is to say revenant) before we can begin to tell their claims on us.
10 Oct 2016
You may have heard about a li'l game called Pokémon Go.
3 Oct 2016
In 2013, Niall Harrison wrote to me and asked me to come write a column for Strange Horizons after a Hugo Award essay I wrote grew popular.
26 Sep 2016
Many of us, as writers of the fantastic, begin with (and return to, again and again) the skin.
5 Sep 2016
I should not need to write about Miyabe Miyuki.
22 Aug 2016
When we look into the mirror pastwards, we seem to see cliffs and panoplies of loved story carking at us wordfully in our wake Remember Me! Remember Me!
8 Aug 2016
At this point the Marvel project includes 12 movies that are out, plus 8 more planned or in production. . . . So what are these movies about? What is their appeal?
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