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22 Apr 2019
Who are those Afro-descendent voices outside of the United States, and how do they think of themselves? What is their role in the struggle? Do they even adhere to Afrofuturism, and why?
22 Mar 2019
How come curses always follow these expeditions and not rabbits?
28 Jan 2019
I’ll take my stories of resistance over blue-eyed chosen ones with special powers.
27 Nov 2018
So. In a world like this it is good to know where you are.
23 Apr 2018
As a writer and reader, I’m always searching for the alternative history of my lineage. I imagine them as fragments in the path I wasn’t guided down, the one which I still could and will walk down. Coming into a relationship with other queer Asian American speculative poets like Margaret Rhee has meant discovering another entry point—a writing and reading which has been there all along and which I was missing. —Ching-In Chen A Feminist Legacy  “SF is the only genre of literature in which it’s possible for a writer to explore the question of what this world would be like if you could get rid of [X], where [X] is filled in with any of the multitude of real world facts that constrain and oppress women.” —Suzette Haden Elgin When re-envisioning the world, poetry and science fiction have been tools for feminist writers and readers to re-imagine.
26 Feb 2018
SFF is my blanket fort. It's not as durable as an escape pod, but it's a reliable source of comfort and it's bigger inside. It's the meeting place of hope and solidarity among those of us dreaming of better futures.
29 Jan 2018
Speculative poetry allowed me to experience a queer, flexible time—one which held my body steady at a time the rest of me was elsewhere dreaming.
15 Jan 2018
Five pairs of simple gemstone stud earrings—one garnet, another jade, yet another sapphire, and so on—which each seem to match perfectly in cut and clarity, but upon the closest inspection reveal themselves to be barely similar at all.
20 Nov 2017
Whatever, the two old authors linked here share the grieved mien of persons who do not simply resemble the job they do: they have become their work. Most of us should be so lucky.
14 Aug 2017
The problem is not hard to articulate. A utopia or dystopia will almost certainly be arbitrary, a strictly arbitrated reality presented in term of advocacy or disavowal; but it is something else to narrate one arbitrarily.
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