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22 Jun 2020
The unofficial theme for this edition of Short Fiction Treasures is “family.” Family has been on my mind a lot this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we spend more time with, or are thoroughly separated from, our loved ones. Family relationships are a crucial part of all our lives, but these relationships can be both complicated and conflicted, something that is explored in this selection of stories.
26 May 2020
I didn’t expect this story to be so bonkers actually.
23 Mar 2020
For this first quarterly roundup of speculative fiction, put together in such difficult times, Maria Haskins' unofficial theme is hope and happiness, resilience and resistance.
24 Feb 2020
Carl just said ‘if the skull wants to break out, it will have to come to me for the key’, which makes me think that Carl doesn’t really understand how breaking out of a place works.
27 Jan 2020
Perhaps for every African speculative fiction novel translated into whatever language, the publisher could publish another African author in their own language.
25 Nov 2019
I will not say anything about these Indian super powers.
29 Jul 2019
Long after the game had been lost, he gave persistence of vision to the world, so that we could see it. 
27 May 2019
ScottBishop is going to tell his boss that he wants to find the house of bread
27 May 2019
We need to acknowledge that publishing has a white people blind spot, as well as defensiveness about the actual representation problems. Being racist does not mean necessarily that you’re incapable of change; looking inside yourself to find those blind spots is the first step.
22 Apr 2019
Who are those Afro-descendent voices outside of the United States, and how do they think of themselves? What is their role in the struggle? Do they even adhere to Afrofuturism, and why?
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