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22 May 2017
There are some writers who did not write enough. Claudia J. Edwards is one of those. In her writing career, she published only four books—one a year between 1986 and 1989. And then she faded from view. I don’t know what became of her or why she stopped writing, but I wish very much she had written more.
15 May 2017
I went to the Dr. Strange movie in November, soon after it opened. It has taken me this long to finish a review, due to being distracted by the US election. The original Dr. Strange comic began in the 1960s, drawn by Steve Ditko, and the movie has very much a 1960s feeling. It's a psychedelic tour de force. Dr. Strange falls into other dimensions, which are weird as hell, and there are magical fights in which buildings fold and twist, until you don't know what you are looking at. I didn't do drugs in the 1960s, but I saw the posters and 2001.
8 May 2017
The more profoundly an SF novel knows what it is talking about, the more in other words it resembles a talk experiment, the more profoundly it should know what it is not talking about.
10 Apr 2017

There is no other way to put this: essentially everything about Popular Consciousness Kirk is bullshit.

20 Mar 2017

After a really good sermon we refuse to be the flip side to evil, the entangled reaction to injustice, the monster or the fool.

13 Mar 2017

Let's step back for a moment. Why do we play video games in the first place?

6 Mar 2017
Models of the homo economicus which have done so much harm over the centuries work on an assumption that the flow of consciousness is a fungible of rational calculation, not a flow of marriages.
20 Feb 2017
Of all the women writers I’ve written about for this column, Housman is far and away the one I have struggled with most.
23 Jan 2017
"Hell is too crowded," a gang of demons informs the hero of Robert Irwin's Wonders Will Never Cease: "So we have come to live with you." "Be kind to me," begs the protagonist of Jonathan Lethem's A Gambler's Anatomy, speaking to a native of California, "I'm not from this planet." Both of these quotes, excerpted as they are from tales out of the fantastika toolkit, describe how it feels to stay alive here. Together they say our home is haunted and not in fact our home no more no more.
19 Dec 2016
There are a lot of kinds of video games out there. There are mobile games primarily meant to pleasantly fill the few minutes you stand in lines or wait on hold (but can expand to take over hours every day).
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