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17 Dec 2019
All original fiction published by Strange Horizons in 2019: 43 stories, including one novelette, and over 177,000 words of the strange and the amazing.
30 Sep 2019
Strange Horizons is delighted to present a special issue by fantasy and science fiction authors from Brazil and its diaspora.
31 Aug 2019
Brazil Special Issue call for fiction submissions!
31 Jul 2019
We're all so very excited to put your funds and good faith to use, providing a platform for voices⁠ new and international, creative and resisting.
22 Jul 2019
As of July 21st, we are FULLY FUNDED with all of the fund drive content unlocked.
1 Jul 2019
For nineteen years, Strange Horizons has brought you challenging, beautiful work from new and diverse voices. Help us by donating today!
Strange Horizons
2 Apr 2019
Thank you so much for supporting the magazine and believing in our words and worlds, strange and true
21 Mar 2019
Here are the friends who have left or fallen out of contact in the last few years, and we thank them for their gifts, kindnesses, and dedication.
25 Feb 2019
I don't think I've ever actually stopped loving a book I loved as a child.
3 Jan 2019
What linked these four poems, which were all drawn from general submissions, and are not unlike other poems we have published over the last several years?
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