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31 Jan 2018
Her ideas – particularly in the realms of politics, feminism, gender, sexuality and spirituality – contain exactly the same liberating magic today as they did when she first conceived them.
29 Jan 2018
Where trans and nonbinary people exist, not as a plot twist, or a speculative flavor, but as people building worlds out of words.
Strange Horizons
24 Jan 2018
The prize draw is back, and we've got a whole bushel of book, art, and craft bundles ready for you to win!
19 Dec 2017
This is a quick roundup of all the original fiction published by Strange Horizons in 2017: three novelettes and 35 short stories, including three translations. If you’re reading and nominating for awards this year, these stories are all eligible! And if not, you should read them purely because they are amazing and we’re very proud of all of them.
20 Nov 2017
Beginning with this issue, Strange Horizons will be adding a content warning feature to all of its published material.
30 Oct 2017
Strange Horizons
16 Oct 2017
Five Years Ago - Fiction by Lavie Tidhar, poetry by Kathrin Köhler, and reviews.

Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Jason Stoddard, poetry by Robert Borski, and reviews.

Fifteen Years Ago - Fiction by Kenneth Brady, an article by Clare Sainsbury, poetry by Mike Allen and Ian Watson, and a review.
Strange Horizons
9 Oct 2017
Five Years Ago - Fiction by Ellen Klages and Ken Liu, poetry by Mat Joiner and Michele Bannister, and an article by Daniel M. Kimmel.
Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Lavie Tidhar, art by Regis Moulun, a column by James Schellenberg, poetry by Ann K. Schwader, and reviews.
Fifteen Years Ago - Art by Cynthia Rudzis, an article by Brian Tung, cartoons by Rachel Hartman, an article by Mary Anne Mohanraj, poetry by Mary Anne Mohanraj, and fiction by Lee Kottner.
25 Sep 2017
When I think of Strange Horizons, I think of rejection.
Strange Horizons
25 Sep 2017
Curious what SH contributors have been up to lately? A lot, turns out! Read on and discover for yourself.
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