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21 Sep 2017
Strange Horizons was my first professional SF/F sale.
20 Sep 2017
Publishing with Strange Horizons gave my career the perfect start.
19 Sep 2017
A Strange Horizons story is always a perfect marriage of mood and plot.
18 Sep 2017
"Town's End," the first story of mine to appear in SH, was one of the first yokai stories I ever wrote.
13 Sep 2017
Strange Horizons published one of my earliest stories, and one I still deeply love, "Body, Remember."
11 Sep 2017
Some people write poetry. Other people write fairy tales. I write stories about civic infrastructure.
Strange Horizons
11 Sep 2017
Five Years Ago - Part two of a story by Molly Gloss, poetry by Gemma Files, a column by Mark Plummer, and reviews.

Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Helen Keeble, art by Fernando Molinari, a column by Susannah Mandel, poetry by Robert Borski, an editorial by Susan Marie Groppi, and reviews.

Fifteen Years Ago - Fiction by Lisa A. Nichols, an article by Pat Stansberry, poetry by Heather Shaw, and a review.
10 Sep 2017
Thanks to all of your generous donations in Indiegogo, Patreon, and PayPal contributions, the Strange Horizons fund drive has reached $7,500. We can now publish this great review of Amitav Ghosh's The Great Derangement by Vandana Singh. $7,500 down, $8,500 to go. Spread the word!
Strange Horizons
4 Sep 2017
Five Years Ago - Fiction by Rebekah Curry, poetry by Molly Gloss and reviews by Hallie O' Donovan and Chris Kammerud

Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Katherine Maclaine, a column by Marshall Perrin, poetry by Robert Frazier and reviews by Gwyneth Jones, Paul Kincaid and Laura Blackwell

Fifteen Years Ago - Fiction by Naomi Kritzer, article by Rachel Manija Brown, cartoons by Rachel Hartman, poetry by Andy Miller and a review
28 Aug 2017
Strange Horizons changed how I think about editors.
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