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4 Oct 2021
If you want to donate, or check how close we are to unlocking another story, poem, review, or essay, here's the link.
29 Sep 2021
Opening to fiction submissions for the month of November!
27 Sep 2021
Welcoming new fiction editors: Aigner Loren Wilson, Hebe Stanton, Kat Weaver, and Vanessa Aguirre!
30 Aug 2021
An introduction to the Southeast Asian poetry special issue
31 May 2021
Trans bodies are BIPOC bodies.  Trans bodies are disabled bodies.  Trans bodies are complex in so many more ways than just our genders, sexes, orientations, and pronouns. Trans minds are housed within these bodies, our bodies.  Remember that.
Strange Horizons
22 May 2021
Strange Horizons is excited to welcome Sonia Sulaiman to our Collective, as a First Reader. In celebration of her joining us, please check out her twitter thread documenting pieces of Palestinian lore and folktales, a beautiful dedication to both language and stories. Per Sonia: "I was moved by Strange Horizons' commitment to the Palestinian people, and the magazine's leadership in this regard. I'm excited to see where my journey takes me along with SH's readers." Welcome!
Strange Horizons
17 May 2021
It takes a village to raise a magazine.
Strange Horizons
13 May 2021
Strange Horizons supports the Palestinian peoples' right to justice, freedom, equality, and self-determination.
9 Apr 2021
Our fiction team is now at capacity and needs time to review our current submissions trove.
30 Mar 2021
I wanted this issue to be an opening invitation, an opportunity to introduce and gather people, for us to find each other and hold up mirrors. I wanted work that might surprise and delight palestinian readers first, in palestine and beyond, and trouble a flattened or limited notion of palestinian experience.
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