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Strange Horizons is looking to add an additional social media editor and accessibility editor to our editorial collective. These roles will entail working in tandem with our existing social media and accessibility editors. 

Social Media Editor

Our social media editors’ brief is bifurcated into two (overlapping) roles: managing the Strange Horizons newsletter, and managing and expanding the zine’s social media presence. At present, we are looking for an editor interested in the first role (the newsletter). beyond this, our editorial collective is flat and anarchic, and beyond this basic brief, you will be free to define and understand your role as you see fit. If you love Strange Horizons, genre magazines, and getting SFF out to a broader audience, then you're who we are looking for!

We anticipate the time commitment to be a couple of hours a week, which will rise slightly during our annual fund-drive, in the month of June. The position, like the rest of our editorial positions, is volunteer.

To apply, please email with a brief paragraph about your interest in the position, what you envisage doing as Strange Horizons' social media editor, and any prior experience that you might have.

Accessibility Editor

Our accessibility editor is responsible for reading fiction and poetry (and, occasionally, non-fiction), and applying content warnings in accordance with the Strange Horizons’ policy. Prior experience in sensitivity reading, and work with/around content warnings, is a bonus.

We anticipate the time commitment to be a couple of hours a week, in rotation with our existing accessibility editor. 

To apply, please email with a brief paragraph about your interest in the position, and prior relevant experience, as mentioned above.

Gautam Bhatia is an Indian speculative fiction writer, and the co-ordinating editor of Strange Horizons. He is the author of the science fiction duology, The Wall (HarperCollins India, 2020) and The Horizon (HarperCollins India, 2021). Both novels featured on Locus Magazine's year-end recommended reading list, and The Wall was shortlisted for the Valley of Words Award for English-language fiction. His short stories have appeared in The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction and LiveMint magazine. He is based in New Delhi, India.
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20 May 2024

Andrew was convinced the writer had been trans. By this point his friends were tired of hearing about it, but he had no one else to tell besides the internet, and he was too smart for that. That would be asking for it.
You can see him / because you imagine reconciliation.
It’s your turn now. / the bombs have come in the same temper— / you in your granny’s frame
Friday: The Hard Switch by Owen D. Pomery 
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By: Ana Hurtado
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