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18 Jun 2020
My own love of Delhi is often mournful, but also quite stubborn.
2 Jun 2020
Every year my own sense of what is speculative is broader, but I think the reasons are still the same.
2 Jun 2020
Articles editor Joyce Chng and poetry editor Romie Stott discuss houseplants, mouse drawings, editorial processes, and what they’re reading in their spare time.
2 Jun 2020
For the Strange Horizons 2020 Fund Drive, a conversation between fiction editor Catherine Krahe and accessibility editor Becca Evans. They chatter about accessibility, crafting, design, and finding joy in fanfic and games.  Becca Evans: Hey Catherine! Let’s do some talking about some stuff! I figure we can introduce ourselves to the lovely readers and then go from there! I'm a very recent graduate (just earned my master's degree) from the States, currently in job-search mode. I’ve been working with SH for … about a year now, first as an Accessibility Editor, then as an intern, and now as an AE and as part of the Development/PR team!
2 Jun 2020
Art directors Heather McDougal and Dante Luiz discuss speculative fiction, fashion, artistic dreams, and inspirations.
2 Jun 2020
We’re all building on what has gone before to make something even bigger and better rather than trying to put up barriers to understanding. 
2 Jun 2020
The poetry world’s response to Black Lives Matter has also, out of necessity, become a response to the Poetry Foundation’s inadequate stance and long history of unethical treatment of BIPOC.
27 Jan 2020
History treated people like me as curiosities, freaks, and monsters of legend. Human monstrosity is something we've been writing about in SF/F/Spec for as long as genre writing has existed, and that's forever. Writing about myself in those terms, at least in my verse, feels like both reclamation and rebellion. 
25 Feb 2019
I don't think I've ever actually stopped loving a book I loved as a child.
28 May 2018
Writers often seem to think that editors laugh as they reject stories and have an adversarial relationship to the slush, but really, we want stories to be amazing.
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