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Strange Horizons
27 Mar 2017
Five Years Ago - An article by Jeremy L C Jones, column by John Clute, poetry by Gwynne Garfinkle and reviews. Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Joanne Merriam, column by Matthew Cheney, poetry by Mikal Trimm and review. Fifteen Years Ago - Fiction by Kate Bachus, article by Peter Jekel, poetry by Robert Randolph Medcalf, Jr, an interview with Donald Quan by Peggi Warner-Lalonde and review.
Strange Horizons
27 Mar 2017
The first issue of our new sister magazine for translated fiction, Samovar, is being published today.
Strange Horizons
27 Feb 2017
Alongside this week's main Strange Horizons issue, we're excited to finally be able to share with you a new project: Geoff Ryman's 100 African Writers of SFF.
Strange Horizons
27 Feb 2017
Five Years Ago - Climate Change roundtable and column from Vandana Singh, results of the 2012 reader's poll, poetry by Chris Willrich and reviews.

Ten Years Ago - Fiction from Charlie Jane Anders, a column on the boardgame renaissance by James Schellenberg, poetry by Mary Alexandra Agner, and reviews.

Fifteen Years Ago - Article by Peter Jekel, poetry by Liz Henry, Fiction by Kenneth Mark Hoover, a look at the music from Harry Potter and The Fellowship of the Ring plus reviews.
25 Feb 2017
We have some big news about the poetry department!
19 Feb 2017
This year's BSFA Award shortlists have been announced, and in the non-fiction category we're delighted to see that Erin Horáková's essay for us last year, "Boucher, Backbone, and Blake—the Legacy of Blakes 7" has been shortlisted. Thank you to all the BSFA members who voted for it!
16 Feb 2017
We are still looking for webmasters! Can you help?
1 Feb 2017
Our sister magazine, focusing on translated speculative fiction, is now open to submissions!
23 Oct 2016
Well, here we are! Welcome to the new-look Strange Horizons, courtesy of Matthew Kressel (site design) and Kris Dikeman (logo).
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