Copy editing positions have been filled. Thank you!

Strange Horizons is on the hunt for a few new volunteers to add to our copy editing team. These folks share the responsibility for polishing the magazine’s content before publication by catching typos, fixing funky sentence structure, and applying our house style guide.

If that sounds like something that interests you, read on.


Read through pieces before publication and check spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, consistency, etc.; enforce Strange Horizons house style; note your suggested changes and queries for department editors to address.


  • Ability to work well with others in an online setting and use WordPress and Slack.
  • Discretion: for example, we'll ask that you not blog about the details of your job, though it's fine for you to publicly say that you have the job.
  • Reliability: all of the magazine’s departments depend on the team of copy editors to clear pieces in a timely fashion before each issue is published, so you must be able to reliably do some editing every week.
  • Please note that while on staff, copy editors may not submit to Strange Horizons as authors.

Time commitment

  • One to two hours each week. Some weeks it may be less, depending on your assigned department; more should be rare. However, some pieces are galleyed with a short time window before publication, so flexibility and availability on weekends are helpful. Copy editors rotate through departments monthly, with a month off after every four months.
  • Commitment to stay on for at least six months if possible.

Kate is a narrative designer and writer of speculative fiction. Though she lives in Southern California, her true home is on the internet. She can found on Twitter as @keightdee or at
2 comments on “Calling all copy editors!”

Is this still open? I tried using the log in, but it keeps kicking me back with an invalid password login.

Coyote Gunnyon

If you are still looking for volunteers I would like to apply. Email me at

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