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boy /bɔɪ/ noun, verb, adjective
noun 1 [C] a male child or a young male person taught to be
human is a taboo: a little/small/young boy
 » boys are not to let their souls out of their windows

see also MAN UP

noun 2 [C] a breathing walking dead—a bell with a lost tongue.
 » boys are not emotional
 » no-one will believe you, boys don’t get raped

see also BE A MAN

noun 3 (the boys a.k.a gees) [pl.] (informal) birds of the same feather flocking together,
and licking off each others’ wounds.
 » what’s up my gee?

verb 4 [C] to constantly be at war, spill your blood and drink. to faint and revive yourself. to
brag of your scars.

adjective 5 [C] desert/dead-alive/dark night


boys will be boys (saying) you should not be surprised when boys or men
behave in a noisy or rough way as this is part of typical male behavior.

 » Synonyms : alpha male, macho, brick, pimp, misogynist

 » Antonyms : female, girlie, weak, simp, feminist




[Editor’s Note: Publication of this poem was made possible by a gift from Mary Soon Lee during our annual Kickstarter.]

Joemario Umana (He/Him) is a Nigerian creative writer and a performance poet. He’s an alumnus of 2023 SprinNg Writing fellowship, and his works have been published in journals like Brittle Paper and elsewhere. He tweets @JoemarioU38615.
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