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9 Dec 2019
“Full ahead, Mister Sal,” says Moore. I grit my teeth and force the Anastasis forward. The engines, the strongest of any ship I’ve ever steered, screech and whine like dying things. The nightgaunts are ten deep around us and it’s like flying through tar.
2 Dec 2019
Winter has finally ended, and here you are, on the first day of summer, stuffing your pink feet into the sand.
19 Nov 2019
I should tell you about the gods, yes? Good setting for it. Here in the desert, hunger and thirst sharpen the soul.
11 Nov 2019
Osnat went back to talk to the dybbuk again.
21 Oct 2019
I don’t exit this world; it’s the only way I sleep. One of two boys in the darkness, hanging our feet off the ledge, staring at nothing.
14 Oct 2019
Two in the morning in the booth of an all-night diner a block off Santa Monica Boulevard, and I was trying to convince the Great Mandini to tell me his secrets.
7 Oct 2019
Aboard the ghost ship Nine Lives there are the living, the dead, and a great many cats.
30 Sep 2019
When that summer ended, Brazilians felt nothing but joy.
30 Sep 2019
As a noun, ajé meant energy, sorcery, power. But to its adepts, it had always meant me, we, us, a way of wishing others well.
30 Sep 2019
Heitor wanted more: he wanted stories of São Paulo, of the world.
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