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17 Feb 2020
Dr. Olk rarely took new patients. They liked him so much that his schedule was booked. I got lucky when one of them had to cancel due to having their brain turned inside out.
10 Feb 2020
This house was too small for six people, woefully so, but it’s too big for one; the empty rooms fill up with spirits.
3 Feb 2020
I am skating home for the night. I have something new to tell Sharmila, something that fills my very bones with the urge to leap, dance, spin.
20 Jan 2020
Corey slipped his hand into the puppet’s back, like he had done many times with the doctor who made him talk about Michael and bathtubs and redness. His breath and stomach squeezed whenever he reached into dark, invisible places.
13 Jan 2020
After the full-body suspension is over—has it been months, a few years?—we are still in casings. They’re thin and brittle. Like garlic exteriors or dried-out electrical tape that’s lost its sticky.
6 Jan 2020
Many years from now, in a land far from here, two men will fall in love.
16 Dec 2019
Remember your surroundings and protect your organs. Grab on to the edges of the universe and try to stay, to avoid further damage, to breathe. Not panicked breaths; slow ones, the kind you need when the world is rushing towards you, piling up.
9 Dec 2019
“Full ahead, Mister Sal,” says Moore. I grit my teeth and force the Anastasis forward. The engines, the strongest of any ship I’ve ever steered, screech and whine like dying things. The nightgaunts are ten deep around us and it’s like flying through tar.
2 Dec 2019
Winter has finally ended, and here you are, on the first day of summer, stuffing your pink feet into the sand.
19 Nov 2019
I should tell you about the gods, yes? Good setting for it. Here in the desert, hunger and thirst sharpen the soul.
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