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13 Aug 2018
As she kicked her way towards the surface, her fingers and toes lengthened, a thin membrane webbing together in between them, and thin slits opened up into gills on either side of her torso. Her ribs ached, body working overtime to suck in water through her shirt.
6 Aug 2018
In real life, cats don’t recite fairy tales or ride the tram. In real life, cats don't talk.
30 Jul 2018
The only time her mother ever cooked was when a person had passed on and someone needed to speak with the dead.
30 Jul 2018
She told herself she could beat the curse if only she was patient. The 27 Club got the impatient ones.
30 Jul 2018
I learned how to bend light from my mother.
30 Jul 2018
A scream into the night was nothing unusual in this strange and terrible place, the belly of the São José slave ship.
30 Jul 2018
We gather every day to remember. We gather every day to keep her alive. Then we decide to bring her back to life.
30 Jul 2018
The first time my wings manifested Parrain beat me black and blue.
By: Jane Yolen
Podcast read by: Ciro Faienza
23 Jul 2018
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents Jane Yolen’s “Questions on Re-reading Oz”. Play in new window | Download
16 Jul 2018
I come from an arboreal people who have, since the old times, conducted their lives on trees. I was born on a branch of a banyan tree, cradled among the sinews of its prop roots when I was a child.
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