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11 Jan 2021
The egg must have hatched overnight, though he could see no sign of a hatchling anywhere. Only empty shell bits remained, strewn here and there across the tatami.
4 Jan 2021
I called it "yearning" at first, but by the time word had spread to all twenty-two of us croppers, a divide had resulted: half called it firesouling, and half called it firesailing.
21 Dec 2020
They were all a little more careful around the river, after. A little more careful around the rest of us, too.
14 Dec 2020
We, guests in the family’s mouseholes, may not know what we are now but we know loss.
7 Dec 2020
Truth be told, I have not done much with the entryway. It keeps up appearances. I am told it is a perfectly acceptable facsimile of a standard human receiving room.
1 Dec 2020
I see it now: the cold afternoon, the curious garden, the climbing vines, the pinnacles, the oddly-shaped puddles like Chinese letters.
1 Dec 2020
La evoco ahora: la tarde fría, el jardín insólito, las enredaderas, los pináculos, los charcos en curiosas figuras chinescas.
1 Dec 2020
Toma el picaporte y, al girarlo, descubre que la casa está abierta. Cuando se asoma, la golpea un olor a salvia quemada.
1 Dec 2020
She checks the knob and the door is unlocked—she pokes her head through. Smoke from burning sage wraps around her.
1 Dec 2020
Dark matter makes up eighty percent of the universe. Like agar culture medium, this is what holds things like galaxy clusters—and galaxies themselves—together.
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