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19 Feb 2018
She winked. “I think I have something for you,” she said.
12 Feb 2018
E.Z. came to me. Not the man in the flesh, I reckon he has had enough of flesh, but his words came pouring into me until they had nowhere to go but pour out on the page.
5 Feb 2018
Over time, her beautiful body will wear away back into nothingness, and this is all to be expected. There is no reason for you to be alarmed.
29 Jan 2018
The camera high up in the opposite corner of the room was watching, I knew, its clever algorithms ready to alert my supervisor the second its analysis of my bearing caught me going “inattentive, distracted, unpleasant, inactive” or anything else the company handbook warned against.
29 Jan 2018
"Hey," I blurted out. "I think your camera's broken."
15 Jan 2018
The sticky horror in our throats is not just for what we see, but for ourselves. We long to be there, in the heat of it. It is spiteful to leave us here, wasting away. We feel in ourselves a nuclear fire, always on the verge of explosion.
8 Jan 2018
The bell, the lantern, the witching hour. Undone shirt cuffs, unkempt hair. A refugee from the republic of conscience.
1 Jan 2018
The oldest boy, closest to my age, was obsessed with catching snakehead, although he had never caught any.
18 Dec 2017
The highway leading into the city from the west is jammed full of abandoned cars. Manoeuvring the cumbersome Hyundai around them has been difficult for some time, but now Maria has to leave the car to shut doors and move other cars out of the way every twenty meters. She’s finally forced to stop. The lines of cars stretch as far as she can see, baking under the unforgiving northern Greek sun, hazard lights flashing. Some of the engines are still on, purring softly or gasping on fumes.
11 Dec 2017
I am darkness. I am the musk of matted fur. I am the scrape of claw on bark, of tooth on bone.
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