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29 Nov 2021
Pictures of me that day are kept in the ship’s files, sent back to Earth to be used in my captors’ eventual war crimes tribunals.
29 Nov 2021
The year before this, the girls at school had called her Little Lila.
15 Nov 2021
“I've thought about getting glasses,” the dragon said as we sat on rocks with mugs in our hands and the tin of butter cookies on another rock between us. The dragon even had cloth napkins, which hid the gaping wound in my abdomen.
8 Nov 2021
They are an antique order, the cowgirls, full of arcane secrets, so a covert sign language is only logical.
1 Nov 2021
Where one went, we would follow.
Strange Horizons
30 Oct 2021
The author of Pockets has provided content warnings that can be viewed here: Play Pockets, or When the Giants by Natalia Theodoridou.
27 Oct 2021
The author of Heat From Fire has provided detailed content warnings as well as a synopsis that can be viewed before beginning the game. A list of those content warnings can also be viewed here: Play Heat from Fire by Anna Anthropy.
25 Oct 2021
These pieces are meant to be experienced more than once so that you can explore the paths not taken in previous readings.
19 Oct 2021
One morning when she was young, a poppy sprouted from my grandmother’s shoulder, and it stayed as it was for years.
18 Oct 2021
Dreams were extensive and exhausting projects, not to mention expensive. Nightmares, on the other hand, were quick.
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