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20 Sep 2021
Jaysee reported to decontamination, wondering why there hadn’t been a revolt by the augmented long before.
14 Sep 2021
As the title of this essay implies, I hope to shed light on Otieno’s elusive St. Isilian Postcolonial Era films. As my well-earned reputation implies, I don’t intend to write this in an orthodox way.
6 Sep 2021
To ghosts like me, outside is the world beyond the stories.
9 Aug 2021
This is my exile: it may be interminable, but I do not see why it must be spent in agony.
3 Aug 2021
My grandmother turned into a cocoon, and there’s very little left of her now.
19 Jul 2021
Near the end of her days, Abuela Manuela Corazon Monquillo would make the confession that the secret to a long life—if that was anything to be desired at all—was a thorough accounting of sins and carefully crafted deceits. When she made that observation to her devoted secretary, she was aged more than a full century. She was beyond the graying years and was already as melancholy and stooped as a weeping dalakit tree. She was, truth to tell, edging towards her 150th year, but her mind was still sharp—even if memory itself became, for her, an act of occasional negotiation she didn’t always win.
12 Jul 2021
Kia ora te whānau, welcome back to term 3!
5 Jul 2021
The trick was simple, in theory. To bring someone back, you needed an anchor: something that held the memories of the person you were looking for.
21 Jun 2021
Next to the line, “Do you have any objections, medical or otherwise, to temporal sliding?” I ticked “NO.”
14 Jun 2021
In a low mountain quarry, an exile memorized the story of her shadow play.
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