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1 Mar 2021
The day they took my mouth hadn’t been spent eating De la Rosas, or smoking, or spitting.
15 Feb 2021
“I have cockroaches for teeth,” Bilal said to his date, on the phone. “Just … thought you should know sooner than later.”
8 Feb 2021
What you want, in that version of the story, is to take the riches from your princess’s tears, buy all the weapons of Patala, and then march into Amaravati, the great celestial city, where you will kill all the gods.
1 Feb 2021
Our relationship is almost a year old when I ask Nal why she is covered in snakes. I thought it might have been rude to ask before, to look too long at the undulating mass of scales that obscures much of her body.
18 Jan 2021
Splinters, old and new. How else can the skin remember the tree? If it hurts, that is the point.
11 Jan 2021
The egg must have hatched overnight, though he could see no sign of a hatchling anywhere. Only empty shell bits remained, strewn here and there across the tatami.
4 Jan 2021
I called it "yearning" at first, but by the time word had spread to all twenty-two of us croppers, a divide had resulted: half called it firesouling, and half called it firesailing.
21 Dec 2020
They were all a little more careful around the river, after. A little more careful around the rest of us, too.
14 Dec 2020
We, guests in the family’s mouseholes, may not know what we are now but we know loss.
7 Dec 2020
Truth be told, I have not done much with the entryway. It keeps up appearances. I am told it is a perfectly acceptable facsimile of a standard human receiving room.
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