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16 Apr 2018
Alexis carries the laundry through the kitchen. The tile beneath her feet was once a strip of sand beach. She walks through clusters of plover nests, which were perfect circles. The yellow cream clings to the tread of her tennis shoes. The alarmed mothers, suddenly orphaned.
9 Apr 2018
Mom's house didn't look like a murderer's.
2 Apr 2018
Fisherwoman Mika Sandrigal was lost at sea. She knew where she was in relation to the Candorrean coastline and how to navigate back to her home city, Maelstrom. She knew the time of day. She knew the season. She knew the phase of the moon and the pattern of the tide. She did not know the year.
19 Mar 2018
Is this unused footage from season two? Is this even the show? Is this Sharon? Or is this Frances, the actress playing her?
12 Mar 2018
I am a collector. In another time and place, I might have collected insects or Italian romance novels, but we must all grow in the soil where we sprouted. I am cataloguing moons.
5 Mar 2018
“Marriage is like an offer. It compels one to exist in two different worlds. Can you really handle that much trouble?”
19 Feb 2018
She winked. “I think I have something for you,” she said.
12 Feb 2018
E.Z. came to me. Not the man in the flesh, I reckon he has had enough of flesh, but his words came pouring into me until they had nowhere to go but pour out on the page.
5 Feb 2018
Over time, her beautiful body will wear away back into nothingness, and this is all to be expected. There is no reason for you to be alarmed.
29 Jan 2018
The camera high up in the opposite corner of the room was watching, I knew, its clever algorithms ready to alert my supervisor the second its analysis of my bearing caught me going “inattentive, distracted, unpleasant, inactive” or anything else the company handbook warned against.
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