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30 Jun 2020
Something knocks on the door. Esther, dreaming, would like to ignore it. Instead, she blinks awake and grabs her shotgun, because dead things typically call for bullets, not spell work, and whatever wants inside her home is certainly dead.
30 Jun 2020
Beep, she thought, and then said it aloud because she had a beeper and why the hell not. “Beep. Beep.”
16 Jun 2020
Choose C to: Follow four people I used to know into a Haunted House.
8 Jun 2020
You have been following me from almost the beginning.
2 Jun 2020
Today Mrs. Farling asks me about the Bee Thing and whether it’s permanent. I say, I don’t know. Probably not. She says it’s just a shame, because I really had such a pretty face, and now I don’t.
2 Jun 2020
We didn’t want your nail clippings or your blood. Your laughter, or tears, would do.
1 Jun 2020
She says: Last night was a husker night, my darling. He doesn’t know. He says: I thought I wasn’t ‘darling,’ only you. A husker night? She: My dear. My dear, I’m cold.
19 May 2020
“Have you seen the DEATH/GRIP Challenge meme?” Benito Oliveira said. “Yeah, it’s pretty funny,” she said. “It’s people pretending not to kill something with their off hand,” he said, as though she hadn’t responded.
12 May 2020
Mara wouldn’t let us turn on the flashlight function on our handcoms because it would “alert the Martian advance scouts.” And obviously I one hundred percent didn’t believe there were any Martians, because the grown-ups had done a bazillion scans for life-forms not to mention digging into the rock for like twenty years.
4 May 2020
But why should the average Manila foodie come to the diwata’s café, when there are so many other choices? Why should anyone try the café’s simple but delicious Filipino-Spanish hybrid cuisine, when historically, humans have been unable to stomach mythic food without physical, psychological, moral, or magical consequences?
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