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21 Oct 2019
I don’t exit this world; it’s the only way I sleep. One of two boys in the darkness, hanging our feet off the ledge, staring at nothing.
14 Oct 2019
Two in the morning in the booth of an all-night diner a block off Santa Monica Boulevard, and I was trying to convince the Great Mandini to tell me his secrets.
7 Oct 2019
Aboard the ghost ship Nine Lives there are the living, the dead, and a great many cats.
30 Sep 2019
When that summer ended, Brazilians felt nothing but joy.
30 Sep 2019
As a noun, ajé meant energy, sorcery, power. But to its adepts, it had always meant me, we, us, a way of wishing others well.
30 Sep 2019
Heitor wanted more: he wanted stories of São Paulo, of the world.
30 Sep 2019
He promised he’d keep his heart, but circumstances have changed.
30 Sep 2019
It was during the time the Angel lived with us. I could no longer bear sweeping the feathers.
16 Sep 2019
A child falls. A raven feeds. A valravn flies away.
9 Sep 2019
He’s still dancing away happily even as the doll kicks its feet in perfect unison with his. Apa watches them both, her heart now sowing fields without a thought for the reaping.
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