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20 Jan 2017
And then, nothing was important anymore. So he decided to become an agitator, to disturb the peace.
20 Jan 2017
The story of the Red Bride is a slave's tale in slave speech, which I do not generally hold in my head around humans lest my face betray me.
19 Jan 2017
I'm sixteen when George and I figure out the aliens will pay to watch us fight.
18 Jan 2017
Nobody pays attention to a slump-backed brownish girl with droopy-lidded eyes. She's got all the genes that make her look Less Human, according to the Important powers that be.
17 Jan 2017
«They're coming,» Rosa said. She was out of breath, and Alex watched her put one hand on the door frame to steady herself. So much for hope, Alex thought.
16 Jan 2017
First you think it’s jet lag. At some point you make a joke to yourself about how you have finally internalized their thing about how “all black people look alike.” At the beginning a lot of us just tucked it away along with everything else that didn’t make sense about our lives.
9 Jan 2017
Once upon a time there lived a boy-girl named Cynae. After a series of difficulties, she came to live in a small house in the woods. Here, our first challenge. Do we address Cynae as she or he?
2 Jan 2017
Every year, on a different mountain, climbers fall inexplicably, the karst rock crumbling under their fingertips like dirt, their ropes suddenly fraying, their belayer watching in horror as they fly downward, always into the lotus field. There is never a body when they search for it, only miles and miles of lotus leaves and stems and flowers, serenely swaying in what little breeze there is.
19 Dec 2016
When Half-Gent was alive he used to come sit on the edge of the seat and watch Vallerina dance. She still danced, even after dying, and he still came to see her, but now there were cobwebs and dry corpses against the velvet and the curtains gnawed by dust and bat-flight.
12 Dec 2016
I’d not long been made journeyman when the Schöpfers’ Guild gave me my first commission in 1928. Frau Leitner from Bavaria had written to request a small restoration–I took the southbound train from Berlin, made two changes, and disembarked at the end of the line in a small town tucked between the pleats of the mountains. 
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16 Jan 2017

Strange Horizons
By: Lewis Shiner
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By: Meda Kahn
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By: Samantha Henderson
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