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5 Dec 2022
We found you, and you alone, in a universe that had forgotten to die.
22 Nov 2022
As far back as I could remember, Oma warned me about the bats. She said they would eat me if they found me exposed at night. But I knew the green light of the moon would protect me, even when I was still smaller than Oma.
14 Nov 2022
“I’ll prescribe time travel,” the doctor says.
7 Nov 2022
I wondered how many before us had learned what the ocean knew and were prevented from sharing that knowledge with anyone still able to use it.
31 Oct 2022
These nights, when Gramma fell asleep in her rocker, Luba knelt on all fours to press her ear to the rug; she heard the Undersea rising, the roar of the sea-lions, a faint song of sirens luring ships to invisible rocks. And just last night she heard beneath the rug the faint deep sound of a cello.
31 Oct 2022
Down here among the dead, our fairy tales begin at the end.
31 Oct 2022
Uncle Rod came back from Vietnam, broken like they all were, and danced.
17 Oct 2022
Everything had changed. I shouldn’t have been surprised. The whole reason we had moved to the Isle of Lewis was because everything everywhere was changing. Here seemed like the best place to face that.
10 Oct 2022
Congratulations, ForeverFete™ Member! By now, you've received your Portal Ticket confirmations and ForeverFete™ Mas Pack, which should include essentials such as several period correct costumes; one dose capsules for various ailments common amongst the British West Indies population during your Visitation; purification tablets; full nutrition bars; and contact information for your ForeverFete™ Ambassador should you require assistance on your journey.
3 Oct 2022
Lying in bed last night I felt fingers reach in, grabbing. I opened in spite of myself as you clawed me with your fingernails, flattened, panicked. Split throat, iron tongue, white masks ranged overhead, the rings on their fingers scraping me as they reached in to take you.
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