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30 Mar 2020
“I’m Rosie,” she says. But I just call her the kid.
30 Mar 2020
If half my kindergarten cohort was dead by the time I hit sixth grade, I would be mopey too.
30 Mar 2020
The Wi-Fi is shallow, a miracle drizzle that broke the heat wave blockade. They say in 10 years the internet will never flow here again.
16 Mar 2020
It was winter when she returned, hauling herself up the rocks from the sea, slippery with new skin, dimpled with fat.
9 Mar 2020
“Of course it's not like that these days,” she said, and twitched the velvet curtain shut. “Between men and women.”
2 Mar 2020
They said Nnemuru, my father’s mother, was a falcon when she was alive.
17 Feb 2020
Dr. Olk rarely took new patients. They liked him so much that his schedule was booked. I got lucky when one of them had to cancel due to having their brain turned inside out.
10 Feb 2020
This house was too small for six people, woefully so, but it’s too big for one; the empty rooms fill up with spirits.
3 Feb 2020
I am skating home for the night. I have something new to tell Sharmila, something that fills my very bones with the urge to leap, dance, spin.
20 Jan 2020
Corey slipped his hand into the puppet’s back, like he had done many times with the doctor who made him talk about Michael and bathtubs and redness. His breath and stomach squeezed whenever he reached into dark, invisible places.
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