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3 Sep 2018
When she was four he found her in the back yard, holding a brick unsteadily above her head, poised to bring it down on a small heart-shaped clock he had bought her for her bedside table.
29 May 2017
But he’d never been just an arm’s length away from a spaceship before, the way he was now. And that’s why he felt like crying.
29 May 2017
She put a slice of bread on the long fork and began to toast it over the gas flame. The gas, at least, was fairly dependable, and the water.
29 May 2017
Pero nunca habia tenido, como ahora, una nave espacial al alcance de la mano. Por eso sintió ganas de llorar.
28 Nov 2016
The staircase is where we are always found, we waifs. We travelers. Always, I say, but I should say: rarely. Strangers—that is, people from other worlds, like me—arrive there, unannounced and unexplained, very, very occasionally.
30 Oct 2016
The men had spent so much time together over the years, they practically knew each other's thoughts; thus, nothing needed to be said. Besides, nothing much happened to them that needed to be discussed anyway. Until the spaceship landed.
22 Jun 2015
They say great things are achieved in the dead of night.
29 Oct 2014
"Rodrigo’s dad scraped out a living this way: hunting through what others considered junk, looking for bits and pieces that could be resold or repurposed."
26 Aug 2014
She used to wish for eyes the color of her father's, the beautiful pale green-blue that people were always startled to see in a brown face. But she likes, now, having eyes and hair of a color those same people find frightening.
30 May 2014
Her feet feel unfamiliar in her plain white washekongs, the tennis shoes she used to wear so often, before her world fell in. Now she only wears two sides of shoes when she needs to fake normal.
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