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2 Jun 2020
In place of fear that they will lose control, the posthumans accept that control was never in their grasp and that the natural world extends beyond their reach and that nature has a beauty that is beyond the human.
2 Jun 2020
Although I was intrigued by details like gaze gestures, I ultimately wanted to see more details, like interactions beyond nobles, if only to highlight how different the nobles are. I caught glimpses of the bright cultures and vocations of artisans, officers, and even trash collectors. Why not include those parts of Varin society, too, for a broader sociological picture?
2 Jun 2020
Our editors have seen a massive increase in submissions from writers since the Covid-19 crisis, and we want to be able to read and publish that work.
1 Jun 2020
Milbrodt’s reinterpretations of myth and fable veer inevitably toward the quotidian and the marginalized.
1 Jun 2020
Koja is here focused on relatively small-scale, taut psychological character studies
27 May 2020
Nghi Vo subverts the authority of history makers, for Rabbit’s relationship with Empress In-yo calls into question her reliability as a narrator and, by extension, how much truth makes it into history
26 May 2020
I didn’t expect this story to be so bonkers actually.
25 May 2020
Winrock’s work is all magic thought, all smoke and mirrors, but I still do not know if it was an illusion or there was something more she needed me to see and that I failed to.
25 May 2020
"I still wonder why there’s never been a Worldcon in Abuja, Nairobi, Dakar, or Windhoek."
20 May 2020
Chilling Effect presents a vision of the future that is optimistic and full of hope, where even though the tendrils of neo-colonization, capitalism, and corruption ensnare every corner of an ever-expanding universe, there is still hope and care and love in human relationships.
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