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13 Jul 2020
Many works of speculative fiction present contemporary readers with repressive, authoritarian, misogynist, racist, or simply hierarchical societies. Our main guide through the restrictive, patriarchal structures of Throne, however, at times feels less like a character in a fantasy novel, and more like a fantasy herself.
8 Jul 2020
In 2018 Rosarium Publishing passed a milestone of five years in publishing, a remarkable accomplishment in this competitive industry, and Sunspot Jungle is an anniversary gift from the small press to itself
6 Jul 2020
What All City does offer is something angry, urgent and all too relevant to the compounding crises our own version of the Earth finds itself in right now.
1 Jul 2020
If there is a problem with Mexican Gothic—and, having had time to mull the book over in my head after reading, I'm not entirely convinced there even is one—it is a problem with genre.
30 Jun 2020
Finding your community can feel like finding home and family
30 Jun 2020
By forming their own chosen family as the Sea Salt Trio, Roxas, Axel, and Xion are eventually able to fight for their own lives and purpose.
29 Jun 2020
Stormsong looks societal expectations of female performative likeability straight in the eye and says, “Not now. I’m extremely busy.” 
24 Jun 2020
Too much in Black Leviathan feels unearned and underdeveloped.
22 Jun 2020
"A Tale Of Truths was inspired by the European Baroque and Rococo eras, and thus a very stratified society seemed appropriate, with a little bit of class conflict. I was also inspired by the Japanese Heian and Feudal era, which had maybe even more minutely stratified societies than 1600s Europe."
22 Jun 2020
It’s not the plants driving them to their own botanical hearts of darkness. It’s the exploration.
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