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24 Sep 2021
Over and above the well-paced plot, it’s the richness and warmth of Carey’s language and the characterization that makes the novels hum and sometimes even sing.
22 Sep 2021
By no means should Disease be read as any sort of commentary on actual medical conditions.
20 Sep 2021
Relying on some very slant Appalachian folklore, this book is a thoroughly modern novel, keeping pace with contemporary work and leaving behind the old stories of Silver John and murder ballads.
17 Sep 2021
What is most impressive about the world-building is Okungbowa’s keen understanding of how both power and subordination are layered, structured, and institutional, rather than personalised.
15 Sep 2021
Doherty’s work is at its best when she engages with survivor’s guilt
13 Sep 2021
Rankin-Gee’s novel is no cosy catastrophe, and its focus on communities, on the fraying social fabric of a divided nation, is to be commended. However, as a regular reader of science fiction I feel like I’ve read literally dozens of novels like this.
10 Sep 2021
Of course, Professor Crannus has a tragedy in his past: you don’t become a dimension-hopping antagonistic recluse without a back story .
8 Sep 2021
The Witness for the Dead is a socially realistic fantasy underpinned by superb creative power, as emotionally satisfying as it is skillfully written.
6 Sep 2021
This is the sad truth for so many LGBTQ+ kids, especially in small towns like those on the island Morgan lives on: lack of clear queer representation and role models can make even the safest spaces feel dangerous.
3 Sep 2021
Elemental—with stories translated from the Hebrew, Norwegian, Persian, Japanese, Kurdish, German, French, and Polish—is a lovely and sometimes disturbing exploration of the intersection of humanity and nature.
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