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3 Dec 2021
There are gaps in all human relationships where information is withheld, and machines can fill them with inference—or with harder data from another source.
1 Dec 2021
The playing field, of course, is not yet level—but Tidhar’s selections for this book seem to offer a substantial case that the world has indeed changed.
29 Nov 2021
It is perhaps fitting, therefore, that our donor's choice special issue for 2021 is titled—simply—Friendship.
29 Nov 2021
The Membranes can stand on its own as a pitch-perfect meditation on medical advances, transplantation, advanced technology, loneliness, memory, and love.
29 Nov 2021
When does the pursuit of pure thought, pure idealism, pure escapism become detrimental?
26 Nov 2021
his is no chilling dystopia, with an easily identifiable totalitarian power centre, but rather, a series of “micro-dystopias,” so to say, which together constitute a distinctly unappealing world for most of the people who live in it.
24 Nov 2021
To me, the idea that no supernatural forces operate in the world is the point that requires the most suspension of disbelief.
22 Nov 2021
"It is hard not to take SG1 at, quite literally, face value. The ethnic composition of the team speaks for itself."
22 Nov 2021
Ergo, the ray is a bad thing for Black Barney but a good thing for Candy Cane. Perspective is so important.
22 Nov 2021
Evenson's strength as a writer comes from rendering subtle human interactions with the same world-ending portent of the Anthropocene.
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