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21 Jun 2017
Despite the implications of the title Crazyhead, the central premise of the show is that neither Raquel nor Amy have a history of mental health issues requiring the treatment they’ve been given (though both present as neuroatypical); both have been misdiagnosed. There are complications with this manner of navigating histories of mental health issues, especially for a show called Crazyhead.
19 Jun 2017
Much of the joy in The Waking Land comes from its revealings.
16 Jun 2017
Multiple Personalities is not a problem to be solved, but a journey to be experienced.
14 Jun 2017
Among the possible meanings of the excellent title Everything Belongs to the Future is the sense that the future shapes the past to its own ends by celebrating, or even inventing, the traditions it chooses.
12 Jun 2017
In prior editions of Metagames, I've talked about how games have the artistic potential to put players through entirely different emotional experiences than non-interactive media. This isn't really a review column, but for once, I'd like to break precedent and discuss a single game at length, from multiple angles. This game is proof that the tools all exist already to make layered and powerful narratives native to digital media—artistic works that can scarcely be compared to anything that's come before. That game is Horizon Zero Dawn. This game casts you as Aloy, a young hunter from the matriarchal Nora tribe. The world she lives in is a lush, almost primordial paradise—that humans share with dangerous, animal-like robots of mysterious origin.
Strange Horizons
12 Jun 2017
Five Years Ago - Fiction by K. M. Ferebee, a column by Genevieve Valentine, poetry by Leah Bobet, and reviews.

Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Nghi Vo, art by Peter Bartczak, a column by E. Cabell Hankinson Gathman, poetry by Jeff Jeppesen, and reviews.

Fifteen Years Ago - Fiction by Greg van Eekhout, an article by Michael Livingston, poetry by Jason Lee, and a review.
12 Jun 2017
The way these characters bimble from one set to another is, as in Prometheus, tremendously unawed, as though humans will be the most listless of spacefarers, meeting Dyson spheres and moon-henges with the same temporary curiosity; only parasitic infection perks them up.
Strange Horizons
11 Jun 2017
Good afternoon, one and all! Strange Horizon contributors made a strong showing across the genre web in May -- read on to learn how...
9 Jun 2017
The challenge for any sequel, of course, is to construct a new tale that amplifies the essence of the original work, while still innovating within its core universe. For Chambers, whose first book relied so much on the seamless integration of extensive cross-cultural discussion, this challenge deepened: could a second book in the series also use the outsider perspective to justify thoughtful, in-depth conversations between obliging sentients, and would doing so achieve the same effect for those already familiar with the universe of the first?
7 Jun 2017
Oh, the delight of reading from a text with words like these, used well, embroidered, encoded, welded, hammered, melted into a vision of a strange land presented as normal and contrasted with the strangeness of a world the reader may think of as normality.
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