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20 Sep 2019
As a reader, I saw myself in Miquita as she finds herself in a situation in which her people (and in particular her father) have devastated a culture connected with and dependent upon a collapsing ecological framework.
18 Sep 2019
What’s truly wonderful about this multiplicity […], is that it’s a tool for thinking. The story and the drawings contain generative abundance.
16 Sep 2019
Awareness that Britain might be about to throw European geopolitics into chaos couldn’t have been far from Hutchinson’s mind while he wrote Europe at Dawn.
13 Sep 2019
Gods of Jade and Shadow is not a fairy tale, though it unfolds like one, and it wears the trappings of that paradigm as a god might wear a cloak of feathers.
11 Sep 2019
In its delight at making connections between diverse events and creativities, this book entirely avoids the idea of consequence.
9 Sep 2019
What drives This is How You Lose the Time Waris its exquisitely pitched story of romantic connection and its ability to bring all other aspects of the novella into the service of that emotional core.
31 Aug 2019
Brazil Special Issue call for fiction submissions!
30 Aug 2019
Naomi Booth’s Sealed has a slow build towards what makes the book truly a horror novel.
28 Aug 2019
What interests her about these characters, though, is not the trappings of these roles (the university, the lab), but how people run headfirst into the world under a desire to understand the world, and how they are transformed in the process.
27 Aug 2019
He is now writing another idea about a monk in a monastery and a monster and a village.
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