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17 May 2019
Hal Duncan does not mollycoddle you.
15 May 2019
"But I'm not sorry."
13 May 2019
I was already friendly to the idea going in, but Wonderbook has convinced me that all how-to-write books should be illustrated.
10 May 2019
What does it mean to be good? How can a person lead a moral life? Is it a matter of determined application of free will? Is your will determined for you?
8 May 2019
Alongside comedy, then, is camaraderie: the camaraderie of collective art-making, especially when that art is made live and against the odds
6 May 2019
Without anything but the broadest unifying theme, there's something a little magical in how effectively Mother of Invention hangs together.
3 May 2019
You may be wondering what happens to demigods in the modern era. Apparently, they all play basketball, because where else can a demigod shine?
1 May 2019
Freshwater is an attempt to tell not a universal story but a specific one, to provide not a global explanation but a precise balm.
29 Apr 2019
The writers are here, the stories abound, it’s the telling that only needs to be done.
29 Apr 2019
Like the best SF, The Rosewater Insurrection sets up genuine and deep ethical and moral conflicts, and refuses us the easy luxury of straightforward resolution.
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