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22 Jan 2018
Why does this book need this setting in order to tell this story about this man, when the private eye with a shadowed past is such a cliché that surely Noon can’t just be playing it straight?
19 Jan 2018
Fans of minimalist poetry will appreciate Hoy's mastery.
17 Jan 2018
This might be a comic featuring women in the main roles but it’s still created by a man.
By: Tory Hoke
Art by: Sam Guay
15 Jan 2018
I knew I wanted to continue with my art, but I hadn’t found the place where my art belonged.
15 Jan 2018
Five pairs of simple gemstone stud earrings—one garnet, another jade, yet another sapphire, and so on—which each seem to match perfectly in cut and clarity, but upon the closest inspection reveal themselves to be barely similar at all.
15 Jan 2018
Editor's note: This is the original version of a review that appeared in our 18 December 2017 issue. It contains sexist commentary about Carrie Fisher. We have edited the version appearing the 18 December issue to remove this commentary, but will keep this version as-published so future readers are aware of what's changed. For additional background, please see this Twitter thread. Be advised: this review discusses all of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you are concerned about spoilers, we recommend seeing the film before reading this review.  So here we are again. When the first Star Wars film was released in 1977 I was twelve years of age.
15 Jan 2018
This is a story for grey characters.
12 Jan 2018
Never Now Always isn’t so much about the end as it is about the journey to get there.
10 Jan 2018
The simultaneous feature and bug of traditional long-form SFF is that setting is always deeply entwined with narrative.
8 Jan 2018
This is only one of many moments where Bright appears to be aiming to subvert tropes in the genres that make up its hastily stitched-together corpse, only to wind up expiring on the operating table.
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