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22 Sep 2017
While the short stories might be able to stand alone, they’re also clearly meant as a set. There’s a synergy between them that’s important to establishing Yap’s premises.
21 Sep 2017
Strange Horizons was my first professional SF/F sale.
20 Sep 2017
Publishing with Strange Horizons gave my career the perfect start.
20 Sep 2017
In all the discussion of this horror, it’s important to recall that Women, Monstrosity and Horror Film is an academic text. There’s a difficulty in reviewing such texts for the lay reader—potential audiences are so different that the writing itself can (unintentionally) exclude. Reviewing as a lay reader, this came across very much as a text of two halves.
19 Sep 2017
A Strange Horizons story is always a perfect marriage of mood and plot.
18 Sep 2017
"Town's End," the first story of mine to appear in SH, was one of the first yokai stories I ever wrote.
18 Sep 2017
It's lonely in the company of secrets that others can't know or won't believe exist.
15 Sep 2017
Khaw writes about flesh and food in a way that makes reading about the go-to nourishment of ghouls and gods a chilling, but captivating experience.
13 Sep 2017
Strange Horizons published one of my earliest stories, and one I still deeply love, "Body, Remember."
13 Sep 2017
Klages writes out of a sort of child-like wonder.
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