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16 May 2022
Goliath’s anger is apparent, as well as its learning, its mourning, its love. 
13 May 2022
Sometimes clarity is the last thing we need in a world filled with chaos.
11 May 2022
This is a novel concerned to such a degree with interiority, both physical and mental, that it's sometimes difficult to tell what's going on outside of the characters.
9 May 2022
This might sound dramatically dystopian, but it doesn’t come across as such.
6 May 2022
Khaw has constructed a weirdly unreal atmosphere.
4 May 2022
[ . . . ] uses its speculative setting to capture a unique perspective on transformation and becoming
2 May 2022
At first glance, She Who Became the Sun seems like it would sit comfortably on the shelf beside the tremendous flowering of twenty-first century epic fantasy.
22 Apr 2022
Creatures of Passage has a deep, powerful connection between the living and dead and the in-between.
20 Apr 2022
For epicures of early twentieth-century fiction, there may be much to delight here.
18 Apr 2022
James’s kind of meaning is to be sure fragile, temporary, and hard-won—but that is precisely why it means anything at all.
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