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13 Dec 2019
If decolonisation is to mean anything, it must surely mean that books of London and of Lagos are read on their own terms, and there is no additional burden of translation upon the latter.
11 Dec 2019
The intersections of food, femininity, and speculative fiction form a tangled, complex territory.
9 Dec 2019
In a collection that explores the multifarious ways that as a species we’re destined to die a miserable death in a hell of our own making on an extravagantly ruined planet, there are small glimpses of what might save us
6 Dec 2019
The characters in Something Like the End seem unaware of themselves as part of a larger world plagued by massive societal problems.
4 Dec 2019
In most versions of “Little Red Riding Hood,” after all, the wolf is eventually split open. Manickavel’s work joins a range of contemporary fantasy writers not in subverting the original, but in lingering upon this late aspect of the tale.
2 Dec 2019
Hexarchate Stories expands upon and lends nuance to what seems to me to be some of the most important speculative fiction of the last decade.
29 Nov 2019
Women are seen as powerful in Jones's poetry, but this power is often doubted by others.
27 Nov 2019
In titling her debut collection Ghostographs, Maria Romasco Moore seems to insist that taking another person’s picture is to create a ghost.
25 Nov 2019
I will not say anything about these Indian super powers.
25 Nov 2019
Reading “Good Hunting,” which fuses Sinology with speculative fiction, makes me feel something I can’t quite articulate, between the Eureka spark of insight and the quiet thrill of winning a game.
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