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Strange Horizons
27 Mar 2017

Five Years Ago - An article by Jeremy L C Jones, column by John Clute, poetry by Gwynne Garfinkle and reviews.

Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Joanne Merriam, column by Matthew Cheney, poetry by Mikal Trimm and review.

Fifteen Years Ago - Fiction by Kate Bachus, article by Peter Jekel, poetry by Robert Randolph Medcalf, Jr, an interview with Donald Quan by Peggi Warner-Lalonde and review.

Strange Horizons
27 Mar 2017
The first issue of our new sister magazine for translated fiction, Samovar, is being published today.
24 Mar 2017
The universe laid out throughout ODY-C, naked and bleeding in pictures and prose, is beautiful and profane.
22 Mar 2017
In some ways its brevity is a strength; the narrative is a rapid succession of robots, ronin, and roustabout swordplay.
Strange Horizons
20 Mar 2017

Five Years Ago: Kate Bachus's "Things Greater than Love", a column by Mark Plummer, a poem by Josh Burson, welcoming Brit Mandelo to the magazine, and more.

Ten Years Ago: the conclusion of a story by Paula R. Stiles, reviews of books by Rickert, Strugatsky, and Wright, Nicholas Whyte on Doctor Who novels, and more.

Fifteen Years Ago: fiction by Daniel J. Bishop and Benjamin Rosenbaum, J. G. Stinson on the work of C. J. Cherryh, a poem by Sandra Kasturi, and more.

20 Mar 2017
Your Name delivers a unique feeling of rhythm.
20 Mar 2017

After a really good sermon we refuse to be the flip side to evil, the entangled reaction to injustice, the monster or the fool.

17 Mar 2017
As an exercise in storytelling, A Love of UIQ falls woefully short.
15 Mar 2017
This novel certainly takes the spare prose of The Islanders (2011) or The Adjacent (2013) to new extremes—and, indeed, new heights, should it be the sort of style that works for you, should you like angular art in which every word seems somehow selected for its knottiness.
Strange Horizons
13 Mar 2017

Five Years Ago: a story by Cory Skerry, a poem by Shweta Narayan, and reviews by Indrapramit Das, Tori Truslow, and Liz Bourke

Ten Years Ago: The first part of a story by Paula R. Stiles, a games column by E. Cabell Hankinson Gathman, poetry by Sonya Taaffe, and more.

Fifteen Years Ago: a story by Jean Seok, a poem by Bruce Boston, and Bryan Clair on folding paper.

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