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12 Aug 2022
I spent a lot of time considering style in Garden of Earthly Bodies.
10 Aug 2022
Mohamed never goes easy on her characters, and even when they’re on the verge of a breakthrough, it’s obvious that another setback is lurking just around the corner. Possibly with tentacles.
8 Aug 2022
Abad is acutely aware that the estranging power of speculation can provide a chance to bridge the alienation that it seems to produce.
5 Aug 2022
I had such a fun time reading this novel.
3 Aug 2022
Although I can see the similarities to vampires, the deep gender divides in book eater society and the unique way that the book eaters operate put them in an inventive literary class of their own.
1 Aug 2022
Strange Horizons will be open to fiction submissions in October!
1 Aug 2022
“You are right. I understood this myself when I read your novel The Time Machine. All Human conceptions are on the scale of our planet. They are based on the pretension that the technical potential, though it will develop, will never exceed the terrestrial limit. If we succeed in establishing interplanetary communications, all our philosophies, moral and social views, will have to be revised. In this case the technical potential, become limitless, will impose the end of the role of violence as a means and method of progress.” (Vladimir Ilych Lenin, in conversation with H. G. Wells at the Kremlin, Moscow, 1920) “We have internal enemies.
22 Jul 2022
Maps, like any other form of communication, are subjective: they tell a story, they have a point of view, they can lie or simply be wrong.
20 Jul 2022
The problem with Hainak is that there’s so little incentive to fix it among those who might do so.
18 Jul 2022
Book of Night is a fun, atmospheric, and engaging romp that will surely bewitch fantasy lovers—but it has some problems.
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