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19 Sep 2018
As usual, fleshed-out narratives, developed characters, and poetic embellishments aren't Liu's selling points.
17 Sep 2018
Translating the planet-annihilating outcomes of intergalactic warfare from Douglas Adams’s Vogons—a spoof of town councils’ urban planning—to a spoof of Eurovision forces this novel to pick a very delicate path through European war memory itself.
12 Sep 2018
These nine fantastical stories talk about the magic present in relationships, and how sometimes others misinterpret either the relationship, the magic, or both.
10 Sep 2018
This collection's fantastic array of worlds is depressingly, unvaryingly, historically and globally unrealistically het.
6 Sep 2018
“Since Imagine Africa, I’ve been working on my next novel. What I’ve been stewing about, being adamant about, is that we are allowed to write about South African culture; and fuck the Western reader, I am writing for an audience here.”
6 Sep 2018
“Our concepts of time are different. The Western model of time tends to project into the future, far into the future.”
6 Sep 2018
“I don’t think anybody believes they are racists but there are signs and these traces of it in everything that we do. Our entire culture is set up like that. Which … which sucks. But it is like that.”
6 Sep 2018
A city of contrasts, though on the days I visited, not a lot of sunlight.
6 Sep 2018
“African science fiction’s blood runs deep and it’s old and it’s ready to come forth.”
5 Sep 2018
This novel isn’t quite a standard piece of science fiction. It’s more a futuristic kind of myth, a speculative fabulation, a knowing entry in the long-running story Irish literature has told about itself.
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