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25 Feb 2017
We have some big news about the poetry department!
24 Feb 2017
A series that deals with angels, the science of immortality, and friendly-looking scientists who kidnap people to experiment on them in basements, The OA offers some fresh takes—as well as moments of muddled, cliché philosophical "insights."
22 Feb 2017
Boullosa’s writing miraculously encapsulates the texture of a real dream, in which obscure and inexplicably unsettling images wrestle with everyday normality in a battle for supremacy within a landscape that seems forever on the verge of dissolution.
20 Feb 2017
"Silhouette is an important part of regular illustration and animation anyway, because it is one of the first elements that makes a picture intelligible."
20 Feb 2017
Of all the women writers I’ve written about for this column, Housman is far and away the one I have struggled with most.
Strange Horizons
20 Feb 2017
Five Years Ago - Fiction by Brooke Bolander, poetry by Nima Kian and reviews.

Ten Years Ago - Fiction by Cat Rambo, and article by Paul Lucas, column by Marshall Perrin, poetry by Deborah P Kolodji and reviews.

Fifteen Years Ago - Double fiction by Benjamin Rosenbaum and Kenneth Mark Hoover, an article by Sherryl Vint, poetry by Russ Bickerstaff and just one review.
20 Feb 2017
When narratives of slavery focus on whiteness, it serves as a silent way of pushing Black Americans out of our own history.
19 Feb 2017
This year's BSFA Award shortlists have been announced, and in the non-fiction category we're delighted to see that Erin Horáková's essay for us last year, "Boucher, Backbone, and Blake—the Legacy of Blakes 7" has been shortlisted. Thank you to all the BSFA members who voted for it!
17 Feb 2017
A couple of SH staff are involved in a new project: the Clarke Shadow Jury, being run under the auspices of the new Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction & Fantasy.
17 Feb 2017
Marvel's Luke Cage looks at trauma from an intersectional point of view—one which doesn't center whiteness or stereotypes of Black masculinity.
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