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16 Mar 2018
As the Jordanian Parliament prepares to consider and vote on a law to ban the ending of life, an eternal and familiar debate takes on a strange and new form, with old rhetorical tropes and concepts being pressed into service in a cause that they were never intended for. The result is dimly surreal, a society whose moral vocabulary has not yet caught up with its new ways of being.
14 Mar 2018
In both of Lerman's novels the aliens, enigmatic as they might be, are every bit as helpless, mystified, and ineffectual as any of the human characters.
12 Mar 2018
There’s a certain asymmetry inherent in comparing the third book of Wilde’s series to the second book of Dyer’s, as each volume in each trilogy is intended to pair a physical location—spires and Canopy, midcloud and Understorey, ground and Floor—with a progressive, thematic descent through the stages of social change.
9 Mar 2018
One night at after-work drinks, a developer on my girlfriend’s team announced without any irony that “Paddington 2 is sick.”
7 Mar 2018
If we want to understand Robinson and his accomplishments we need to talk about that dreaded term, “privilege.”
5 Mar 2018
Regan and Topsy do not strike up an unlikely friendship; what they do is manage to recognize within one another a kind of solidarity, a cross-species sisterhood of fury, complicity, and complex mercy.
2 Mar 2018
Science, in Liberating the Astronauts, isn’t just something that happens to other people.
28 Feb 2018
… we come to care a lot about Hob, in all of her messy bravery, and what she cares about, too.
27 Feb 2018
I hope to intrigue the viewer enough to think about the story. I hope to excite their interest and give them a little rush.
27 Feb 2018
Catastrophes, especially ones that are made infinitely worse by racism and disaster capitalism, resist metaphor, even if those metaphors are initially beneficial.
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