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23 May 2018
America City could be called a climate change novel, but it is much more than that.
21 May 2018
[They are i]nspired by a very effective technique for dealing with anxiety I was taught long ago, which is to let the sensation envelope you without judgement.
21 May 2018
The rise of ebooks has made talking about doorstop books obsolete, and it’s not clear to me whether the term “epic fantasy” is even internally coherent anymore, as it increasingly seems to mean “not urban fantasy.”
18 May 2018
This is a book fundamentally about women, but when I got to the end, I still wasn’t sure if trans women were included. I reread and tried to find them in the narrative, but I was left with their looming absence.
16 May 2018
Now back to bears.
14 May 2018
Margins and Murmurations underscores the fact that self-publishing can no longer be dismissed, as sadly still happens—and which is in itself a mechanism of marginalizing trans literatures.
11 May 2018
Reading The Crow Garden is not like reading Dracula or The Moonstone), or any other literature of the era it is apeing, because that is exactly what it is doing: apeing, not being.
9 May 2018
Apophenia seems the most common mental affliction among Kiernan’s characers: the tendency to see meaning where no meaning exists.
7 May 2018
If Paris Adrift were merely about a lost girl nearly taking a supernatural escape hatch out of her life, it would be a satisfying—if perhaps rather slight—affair. It's the political aspect of the novel that leaves me unsatisfied and also a little troubled.
4 May 2018
Nigeria is Huge
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