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17 Mar 2023
The further Conscious Designs progresses, the more its structure surprises and discombobulates.
15 Mar 2023
Shammas and Enger have created a powerful graphic story that reinvigorates a classic horror work, snipping away Chambers’s prejudices and emerging with the core appeal of his eldritch narrative intact.
13 Mar 2023
There’s a sense in which this book has invited in a monster of its own.
10 Mar 2023
This collection studies the quantum physics of human relationships.
8 Mar 2023
Ledge's second half almost feels like it came from an entirely different book.
6 Mar 2023
These teenagers are determined to rebel and aren’t falling for the capitalist lie of a more comfortable life further down the pipeline.
24 Feb 2023
Smith brings something new to the page, invigorating now-familiar tropes.
22 Feb 2023
This novel is most compelling when it grapples with the question: what do we lose when reaching an internal “steady state” is prioritized over encountering the world?
20 Feb 2023
Poetry subs are closing for the month of March and will reopen in April. This is ordinary.
20 Feb 2023
Seven Empty Houses showcases Schweblin’s masterful manipulation of characters and events.
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20 Mar 2023

Open Fiction Submissions Window in April 
Some Facts are Difficult to Discuss 
Always and Forever, Only You 
The Subway Is Another Place To Die 
Monday: Full Immersion by Gemma Amor 
Monday: Seasons in Hippoland by Wanjiku wa Ngũgĩ 
Wednesday: Locklands by Robert Jackson Bennett