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10 May 2021
The Wolf Leader takes an approach that not only reflects a different role for shapeshifters in SFF, but also a different way of trapping the central, slippery orality of regional folklore.
5 May 2021
The Angel of the Crows shows the limits of just how far it’s possible to subvert the founding Victorian assumptions of the Sherlock Holmes texts without a great deal more effort.
3 May 2021
Make The Maltese Falcon about environmentalism, and make the protagonist modern and female, and you’ve got the foundation of Hummingbird Salamander.
21 Apr 2021
Initially the two superheroes seem tasked with making people nicely, quietly accept the status quo. But as the show develops, it complicates its own logics.
19 Apr 2021
The Relentless Moon—is a return to Golden Age science fiction, with its heavy reliance on technical details and hard science, except that Golden Age science fiction, for the most part, lacked any attempt at believable characters.
9 Apr 2021
Our fiction team is now at capacity and needs time to review our current submissions trove.
7 Apr 2021
The characters of The Down Days seem to go through their lives with one eye closed: they live in a city where events not even an hour later are guaranteed, and the novel relishes exploring what this might do to their psyche.
6 Apr 2021
Margaret Atwood has noted that the events in The Handmaid's Tale are taken from history, rather than invented. There are elements of that approach visible in The Stone Wētā, too.
4 Apr 2021
Contributors Fargo Tbakhi and N.A. Mansour join staff editor Rasha Abdulhadi to share reflections about palestinian art and writing, the speculative register, what lineages they draw nourishment from, and what they long for from future feasts.
2 Apr 2021
The disaster is never the sole focus of the film. It’s a framing device.
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