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Nigeria has launched one of the world’s most advanced earth observation satellites.

           —British Surrey Space Technology Limited.



scientist: catastrophic failure: NigeriaSat-1

crashes & dissolves like molten magma into

the earth’s lungs. we need sonic waves to slow the movement causing cooling.


cyborg: activate kill codes using

coordinates of the nearest location—Zamfara.

N12°11’ & E6°44’.

strip it of its breath.

insert distemper cords into its memory.

erase all memories of existence.


the next day, the headline reads:

geostorm: simultaneous catastrophic falls

of satellite rays clump on the throats of

at least 25 Zamfara varsity students

on the news, the reporter said:

it is an unforeseen disaster.

like the last stroke that struck my father.



scientist: urgent attention, once the

particles pass a minimum threshold,

they will start causing new storms—

like a chain reaction—until they merge together.

we need a gravity threshold.


cyborg: activate emergency de-rig

ports using Holo phones from the

nearest location—Zamfara varsity—

as a counter-storm.


the next day, the mo[u]rning headline reads:

Bandits invade hostels, abduct

Zamfara varsity students.


my country has one of the world’s most advanced earth

observation satellites. but, my sisters lay on the news like

orphaned seashells. lost. unfound. giving up their breath

until they become one wind with their loss.



tomorrow, the sun will rise.

my sisters will appear, first, on the news.

blood in their logs,

refusing to shut down.

& then, they will be gone.

wiped away as if by the hand of God.


[Editor’s Note: Publication of this poem was made possible by a gift from Kirby Bullock during our annual Kickstarter.]

Adamu Yahuza Abdullahi, THE PLOB, TPC V, is a poet from Kwara state, Nigeria. He is a Best of the Net Nominee and a second place winner of both the first edition of Hassan Sulaiman Gimba Esq Poetry Prize and the Bill Ward Poetry Prize for Emerging Writers 2023. He is on X / Twitter: @yahuza_theplob and Instagram as @Official_yahuzeey.
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