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We are very happy to welcome Dante Luiz as a new fiction editor on the team! Dante is an Ignyte Award-winning author, and has been with Strange Horizons working as an Art Director for the past several years. We’re stoked to bring him on to the fiction side and have him bring his wonderful insight and skill to the fiction team. Here’s a little bit more about Dante:


Dante Luiz is an Ignyte-winning writer and illustrator from Brazil. His work was published in magazines such as Nightmare, Interzone, and Future Science Fiction Digest, and he has worked as a co-editor of several speculative fiction projects in his homeland, such as Mafagafo Revista and Ignoto Revista. You can see his portfolio at


With Dante coming on to our fiction side, we are also saying goodbye to previous editors Catherine Krahe and Vanessa Aguirre. They have each done so much for Strange Horizons and we are sad to see them go. But in a departure, there is a chance for something new. 

Current Issue
22 Jul 2024

By: Mónika Rusvai
Translated by: Vivien Urban
Jadwiga is the city. Her body dissolves in the walls, her consciousness seeps into the cracks, her memory merges with the memories of buildings.
Jadwiga a város. Teste felszívódik a falakban, tudata behálózza a repedéseket, emlékezete összekeveredik az épületek emlékezetével.
By: H. Pueyo
Translated by: H. Pueyo
Here lies the queen, giant and still, each of her six arms sprawled, open, curved, twitching like she forgot she no longer breathed.
Aqui jaz a rainha, gigante e imóvel, cada um de seus seis braços caídos e abertos, curvados, tomados de leves espasmos, como se esquecesse de que não estava mais viva.
By: Sourav Roy
Translated by: Carol D'Souza
I said sky/ and with a stainless-steel plate covered/ the rotis going stale 
मैंने कहा आकाश/ और स्टेनलेस स्टील की थाली से ढक दिया/ बासी पड़ रही रोटियों को
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