The Strange Horizons fund drive has concluded for another year, and you have made it one of our most successful. In 2020, we will have a fully funded Strange Horizons and Samovar, special issues on Mexican SFF and climate change, and a podcast collaboration with Be the Serpent. You have unlocked the rainbow snake logo for pin-loving backers and supported an upcoming Twitter thread by one of our donor authors. And! And! You have raised our rates! We now pay $90 US for articles, $50 for poetry, and ten cents per word for fiction, beginning with material purchased for intended publication in 2020. You blew right past our first stretch goals and forced us to think of more, and we're all so very excited to put your funds and good faith to use, providing a platform for voices⁠ new and international, creative and resisting.

Thank you once again for your enthusiastic support.

Ness is a queer Baltimorean with a gaming habit and a fondness for green things. At home, Ness works as a learning designer and developmental editor; at cons, ve is the damned morning person and extrovert your mother warned you about. Ve started as an articles editor at Strange Horizons in 2012, and loves interviewing people.
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