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Endings are Never Completely Endings: An Interview with Frances Hardinge

by Tom Pollock

23 June 2014

"People are easily the most bizarre, fantastical, perverse, wonderful, unpredictable, and insanely funny thing I have ever encountered."

Breaking Rules and Broken Rulers: The Novels of Frances Hardinge

by Frances Hardinge, Farah Mendlesohn, Virginia Preston, and Niall Harrison

23 June 2014

"I want these inconvenient people hanging around so that people have to decide what to do with them and make moral choices about them, rather than have something convenient fall on their heads. I'm not giving them, either side, an easy out—they have to clean up their mess."

Things You Can Do With Humans: an interview with Benjanun Sriduangkaew

by Niall Harrison

26 May 2014

"The far future grants that possibility and hope, and space opera allows for upheavals on scale larger than life—both prospects console me, and contribute to what I think of as narrative trajectories pointed toward optimism."

The Diverse Editors List: a post-production essay

by Bogi Takács

28 April 2014

In late 2013, I assembled a list of editors in the field of English-language speculative literature who belonged to underrepresented groups—all kinds of groups: ethnic, racial, sexual and gender minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities and chronic illness, and so on.

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