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'To Keep Out Bad Things': Exploring the Wall in A Song of Ice and Fire

by Stephe Harrop

25 August 2014

The Wall, like the men and women who inhabit and contest its surrounding landscapes, is sketched with a sharp authorial eye for the dramatic contrasts, contradictions, and paradoxes of a frontier.

The State of British SF and Fantasy: A Symposium

by Juliet E. McKenna, Kari Sperring, Nina Allan, Dan Hartland, Martin Lewis, and Maureen Kincaid Speller

28 July 2014

The Worldcon returns to the UK this year. It seems an apt moment, therefore, to ask: what has changed in the years since 2005, and what is happening in British SF today?

Looking Forward, Looking Back: An Interview with David Kopaska-Merkel

by Romie Stott

28 July 2014

The current president of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and longtime editor of Dreams & Nightmares weighs in on the current state of speculative poetry and whether we'll still be writing poems in 500 years.

Endings are Never Completely Endings: An Interview with Frances Hardinge

by Tom Pollock

23 June 2014

"People are easily the most bizarre, fantastical, perverse, wonderful, unpredictable, and insanely funny thing I have ever encountered."

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