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4 Jan 2023
The second part of our reviewers’ takes on 2022 in SFF.
Strange Horizons
14 Mar 2022
Art “Artist Interview: Juliana Pinho's Making-Of” by Juliana Pinho (01/18/21) “Artist Interview: Aya Ghanameh” by Dante Luiz (03/29/21) “Artist Interview: Sunmi” by Dante Luiz (05/31/21) “Artist Interview: Palloma Barreto” by Dante Luiz (07/05/21) Articles and Columns “The Waters Of This Place: Aotearoa New Zealand Speculative Fiction” by AJ Fitzwater (01/25/21) “New Horizons: A Conversation with the Editors of Rikka Zine, khōréō mag, and Constelación” by Gautam Bhatia, Terrie Hashimoto, Coral Alejandra Moore, Lian Xia Rose, Rowan Morrison, and Alexandra Hill (02/22/21) “Taking Care: The Humane Heart of Science Fiction” by Judith Tarr (03/22/21) “Roundtable: The palestinian speculative” by Fargo Tbakhi, N.
6 Jan 2021
Dan Hartland: I’m sure I’m not alone in having found it difficult to settle down with fiction this year—or, in all honesty, to settle down at all. It is equally and perhaps consequently true that some of my fondest memories of 2020 are of reading, but it may nevertheless be a function of my relative focus on non-fiction, TV and doom-scrolling this year that my SFF highlights of 2020 all relate to awards. I might also hope, however, that—after some seriously fallow years for literary SFF gongs (don’t @ me)—2020’s range of heartening prize-related news suggests both a shift within the field and in how those outside view it.
3 Jan 2018
As my last SFF act of 2017, I’m finally going to see The Shape of Water. I’ve heard so much about the handsome fish man’s expertly sculpted butt!
Strange Horizons
25 Sep 2017
Curious what SH contributors have been up to lately? A lot, turns out! Read on and discover for yourself.
4 May 2017
Happy Thursday, all! I hope April treated you well; it certainly seems to have done right by our contributors. How, you ask? Read on...
Strange Horizons
9 Jan 2017
Five Years Ago: a story by Kelly Jennings, a poem by Michele Bannister, and Finn Dempster on Hull Zero Three.

Ten Years Ago: a story by Loretta Casteen, art by Yifat Shaik, a column from Marshall Perrin, poetry by Ann K. Schwader, and Sarah Monette on John Clute's The Darkening Garden: A Short Lexicon of Horror.

Fifteen Years Ago: a story by Dana Christina, art by Peter Sakievich, an interview with James Alan Gardner, poetry by Ann K Schwader and reviews.
19 Sep 2016
In hwarhath tragedy, the characters act right. That is, they make the choice their culture says they should make, and because of this, they die, tragically. This is hwarhath serious literature, remember. This is the correct cultural ethos. But we are not reading hwarhath serious literature. We're reading not just hwarhath fiction, but subversive hwarhath fiction.
31 Mar 2016
First up this month: congratulations to Adam Roberts, whose review collection Rave and Let Die won this year’s BSFA Award for Non-Fiction.
18 Jan 2016
The book could have used about 30% more dragon.
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