Strange Horizons fiction submission form

To submit a story to the Strange Horizons fiction department, fill out the form below.

Important notes (please read)

  1. Read our submission guidelines.
  2. Enter your email address correctly, or we can't contact you.
  3. Read our cover letter guidelines.
  4. Do not submit:
    • Reprints, including stories that have appeared on publicly accessible web pages.
    • Unsolicited revisions of stories we've rejected before.
    • Multiple stories at once—wait ’til we respond to this one.
    • Simultaneous subs (stories currently being considered elsewhere).

Submission form

Please read the above important notes before submitting.

Instructions on how to submit appear below the form.

Author's name:
(the version of your full name that you want us to call you by)
(your name as it appears on your story; leave blank if same as above)
Email address: (check for typos!)
Story title:
(no quote marks unless part of title)
Wordcount: (word processor count, approx.)
Cover letter (optional) (plain text only!):
RTF file:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please double-check all of the above information before submitting.

Did you enter your name and email address correctly? Does the above byline match the byline on the story? Is the title right? What about the wordcount? Did you upload the right draft of your story? Did you read our cover-letter instructions? Did you read our guidelines?

Make sure that you're sending us the right version of the story. Don't click Submit until you're certain.



  1. Use the "Save As" command in your word processor to save your story as Rich Text Format (RTF). If you don't know how to do that, see your word processor's manual or help system. Don't just change the filename; you need to tell your word processor to actually save in RTF format. Don't change your story's formatting/layout; our system will automatically format the story the way we want it.
  2. Fill in the form fields above.
    • For "Author's name," enter the version of your full name that you want us to call you by. For example, if you want us to address our correspondence to "Ed Zloty," then put "Ed Zloty" in the "Author's name" box. Please enter some version of your full name; if you have more than one name, we probably won't address you by only your given name unless we know you. Please capitalize your name normally; for some reason, a lot of authors enter their names in all-lowercase in this box.
    • For "Byline," enter the name that you want to appear on the story. For example, if you want your story to appear under the name "Ed S. Zloty," that's what you should enter in the "Byline" box. Leave the "Byline" box blank only if the name you entered for "Author's name" is exactly how you want your name to appear on your story. Middle initials are differences; "Ed S. Zloty" is different from "Ed Zloty." If your RTF file includes a byline, then that byline should match the byline you enter on our form; for some reason, a lot of authors write one name in the byline box and another name next to "By" in the submission itself.
    • Please check your email address for typos, then check it again. If you enter it wrong, then we will have no way to contact you. So go back and check it a third time just to be sure.
    • For "Story title," don't use quotation marks or all-capitals or all-lowercase unless you really want your story title to appear that way in the published story. Unless you have a good reason not to do so, please use standard American title capitalization, which basically means you capitalize the first letter of each of the following words: the first word, the last word, and all other words except for prepositions and conjunctions. We know that it used to be traditional to use all-caps for story titles in submissions, but we ask that titles use standard title capitalization.
    • For "Wordcount," use a word-processor count. Don't worry about being exact. We round up to the next highest hundred words anyway.
    • Please read our cover letter guidelines before sending us a cover letter.
    • For the "RTF File" line, use the "Browse" or "Choose File" button to browse to the RTF version of your story. (Even if your browser displays a text box on that line, we still recommend using the button.)
  3. When you're done filling in the form, click Submit.
  4. You should see a page that says the story was successfully submitted. The system will then email a properly formatted copy of the story to the fiction editors, and we'll send you an autoresponse.
  5. If you don't receive an autoresponse within 24 hours, please send us a query.

Further notes

You won't see a preview of how your story will look to us. We're sorry about that; we know it's kind of scary. But if we did provide a preview function, authors would spend a lot of time trying to clean up formatting "problems" that we honestly don't care about and won't notice. The system will send us a copy of your original RTF file along with the reformatted version, so if we do see any formatting problems, we can refer to the RTF version.

If you get an error page instead of a successful-submission page, please send us a query email letting us know what the error says.