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Strange Horizons
It takes a village to raise a magazine.
Strange Horizons
Strange Horizons is excited to welcome Sonia Sulaiman to our Collective, as a First Reader. In celebration of her joining us, please check out her twitter thread documenting pieces of Palestinian lore and folktales, a beautiful dedication to both language and stories. Per Sonia: "I was moved by Strange Horizons' commitment to the Palestinian people, and the magazine's leadership in this regard. I'm excited to see where my journey takes me along with SH's readers." Welcome!
When he looks at the stars, they are different than before.
now a crack extends from horizon to horizon
By: Shilpa Kamat
Podcast read by: Ciro Faienza
Podcast read by: Shilpa Kamat
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents Shilpa Kamat's “Consequences,” with a reading by the poet.
By: Fargo Tbakhi
Podcast read by: Fargo Tbakhi
Podcast read by: Kat Kourbeti
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Kat Kourbeti presents Fargo Tbakhi's "Balfour in the Desert," narrated by the author.
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