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27 Jun 2022
One of the most important facets of good hard SF is also the easiest to lose sight of.
24 Jun 2022
By this work Aldiss has been given a thorough assessment, and almost all of his work has been found lacking.
22 Jun 2022
Face as a whole doesn’t quite know if it wants to frighten you or fascinate you.
20 Jun 2022
In the children’s minds, the chasm between childhood and adulthood is wide enough that not even the wings would be enough to open the adults’ eyes.
17 Jun 2022
All the authors in this collection advocate for change concerning our environment, a change that they do not hesitate on in their analyses.
15 Jun 2022
If we each have an ability to recognize the expression of beauty that lies in each of us, then through patience and understanding we might exercise it more readily.
14 Jun 2022
Other schema are available.
13 Jun 2022
At its best Girl One is an exciting mystery/thriller, with an underlay of science-fantasy. The novel’s science-fictional aspirations, however, are not as successful or as compelling as its portrayal of the strength of female relationships, be they mother/daughter, friends, “sisters,” or lesbian lovers.
9 Jun 2022
For all the remarked upon “prescience” of most of her novels, Egan’s timeline is ordered and linear, set consummately in the immediate now.
8 Jun 2022
By trying to remake herself without the burden of her familial traumas, Nadia breaks time itself.
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27 Jun 2022

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