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15 Oct 2021
From a Shadow Grave is both haunting and haunted.
13 Oct 2021
The constant progression of ideas and themes is a little like throwing all the ingredients from the cupboard into a pan; while there are some interesting and even enjoyable flavours, the overall effect is both overwhelming and unsatisfying.
11 Oct 2021
Hunted By The Sky weaves both of its source cultures together seamlessly in a single world that embraces diversity in a genuine way
9 Oct 2021
We’re never at a loss for stories about how the empire or metropole would deal with an apocalypse, but rarely do we ever see a globe-altering event affect anywhere else, let alone demonstrate how the “end of the world” would never hit all of us equally.
8 Oct 2021
 Occupying the space between “novel” and “collection,” Slipping follows the logic of dreams. Characters surface at unexpected times, their experiences described from multiple perspectives in noncontiguous chapters, resulting in a fractured effect.
6 Oct 2021
Determann challenges the Orientalist narrative that the Muslim world is inherently opposed to the speculative possibilities offered by science fiction.
4 Oct 2021
There are greater criticisms than being left wanting more.
1 Oct 2021
The light of midnight stars is only a faint sparkling glimmer, barely shedding enough illumination to read or see your way by on a dark night. It’s weak.
29 Sep 2021
Winter’s Orbit is a subtle examination of power dynamics, colonial relationships, and the radical power of kindness and compassion.
27 Sep 2021
Because if Aoki’s magic is common property, her realism is intensely located.
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