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The Terracotta Bride by Zen Cho

reviewed by Keguro Macharia

25 July 2016

From the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice to the leather-clad witches of Charmed to Terry Pratchett's deathscapes, hell is pretty heteronormative.

Steven Universe

reviewed by Erin Horáková

25 July 2016

If we step back and think about the narrative of Steven Universe at any distance, unsettling that quotidian framing for a moment, the show's space-opera project looks startlingly bold for a Western program.

Blood: Stories by Matthew Cheney

reviewed by Redfern Jon Barrett

25 July 2016

Each queer union is as hopeless as its heterosexual and straight counterparts. There is neither judgement nor condemnation, yet at the same time there is an equal lack of celebration or hopefulness. And I loved it.

An Alphabet of Embers: An Anthology of Unclassifiables, edited by Rose Lemberg

reviewed by Karen Burnham

22 July 2016

As such, these pieces are necessarily impressionistic and often dreamlike, sacrificing character and plot in favor of style and feeling. In this way the title is also aptly chosen, as each story is like a spark that glows as the reader breathes with it—but then fades quickly away

Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Popular Fantasy: Beyond Boy Wizards and Kick-ass Chicks edited by Jude Roberts and Esther MacCallum-Stewart

reviewed by Nick Hubble

20 July 2016

We know this world has changed. How has this happened?

Two Worlds and in Between and Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea by Caitlín R. Kiernan

reviewed by Roz Kaveney

18 July 2016

These are fictions which refuse most of the standard consolations of fantasy—protagonists are unlikely even to survive let alone commit acts of heroism.

The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson

reviewed by Michael Levy

15 July 2016

By endowing his poor, uneducated, vulgar, and individually characterized caravan guards with distinct and differing dialects, Wilson forces his readers to stretch their expectations of what is possible when they read secondary-world fantasy.

Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Comics Anthology, edited by Sfé R. Monster

reviewed by Nino Cipri

13 July 2016

It’s too big a task for a single volume to serve as an exhaustive survey of the field, but Beyond is an excellent jumping-off point into the wide world of queer speculative comics.

The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

reviewed by Daniel Haeusser

11 July 2016

Logan’s debut novel is deceptively quiet and simple, but there is something powerful brewing underneath.

The American Shore: Meditations on a Tale of Science Fiction by Samuel R. Delany

reviewed by Dara Downey

08 July 2016

The American Shore is a valuable glimpse into a pivotal stage in the development of science fiction theory and critical practice, as well as a fascinating opportunity to watch Delany’s feverishly imaginative, intimidatingly well-read brain at work.

In The Flesh

reviewed by Hal Duncan

06 July 2016

This strange fiction is playing a game with the (im)possible that refuses pat taxonomies.

Memory by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría

reviewed by K. Tait Jarboe

04 July 2016

Memory is both a triumph of non-binary, non-monogamous, self-deterministic love and chosen family—with some psychic powers—and also an unsettling mess of emotional abuse and racial ideology.

If Then and The Destructives by Matthew De Abaitua

reviewed by Andy Sawyer

01 July 2016

If the Seizure had been caused by an emergence, perhaps a rogue emergence imprisoned in this archive by her peers, there are strange and tangled moral questions to be unravelled.

Dream Paris by Tony Ballantyne

reviewed by Alasdair Czyrnyj

29 June 2016

In the middle of Dream London, one character flat-out admitted that the world of the new city was a scam, an illogical place assembled by stunted imaginations to trap and divide its inhabitants.


reviewed by Samira Nadkarni

27 June 2016

The existentialist horror of Advantageous is not the sort of thing you can really warn a person about without unpacking your own personal fears and laying them bare for anyone to see.

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