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13 Dec 2017
I was surprised by how good Thor: Ragnarok turned to be—and was even more surprised by how it overcomes the problems of the two previous films in the series.
11 Dec 2017
The publication of 2084, an anthology of dystopias, presents an opportunity to assess the current state of dystopian thought.
1 Dec 2017
At the same time, the novellas aren’t necessarily kind either because there’s a sort of quiet violence running unacknowledged through them.
29 Nov 2017
But what makes me smile—and this is a novel that often made me smile—is that while the book might have some of the same qualities of a fix-up, it avoids the pitfalls—those clunky bridges between two stories that were never meant to follow each other.
27 Nov 2017
If the fiction is disappointing, excepting the wonders of “This Is Our Town,” then there is compensation in the non-fiction, particularly two long essays, “Totalitopia” and “Everything That Rises.”
24 Nov 2017
Whereas Walkaway excels as a manifesto, it’s often weaker as a novel.
22 Nov 2017
The problem, as Hassler-Forest makes clear, is that the logic of capitalism itself constrains and warps the creative impulse at multiple levels, from internalised cultural norms to the demands of the market, and no text, however pure the original impulse, can remain outside the capitalist framework.
20 Nov 2017
Like The Race, The Rift contains a science fiction tale within, and it also asks of us that we view genre as a way to express and interrogate reality.
17 Nov 2017
The problem with reviewing first volumes is that one doesn’t always get an entire story.
15 Nov 2017
Creatures of Will and Temper is a more than worthy successor to its source material, part tribute, especially with the flashes of Wildean wit in Lady Henry’s dialogue, but fully its own creature in the end.
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