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24 May 2017
It’s a joke, it’s not a joke; it’s a tragic and alarming predicament, except maybe it’s only weird or frustrating or sad.
22 May 2017
Stylistically and even substantively very different, pessimistic visions of near-future India are nonetheless united by an attempt to explore the impact of disruptive technological and social changes upon a vast and riven community.
19 May 2017
Morrow's novel is intensely concerned with the aesthetic effects of art.
17 May 2017
The Midwich Cuckoos was a horror story. The Fallen Children just thinks it is.
15 May 2017
For nearly a decade, in other words, we have been witness to the eclipse of one of the writers we should be lauding most loudly.
12 May 2017
Bear's futures with public funding and union protections may seem more and more anachronistic, but only if we don't catch the utopian spark in them that even he almost certainly didn't intend.
10 May 2017
What is it that departs? What took form in this dizzying event that nobody witnessed in detail?
8 May 2017
. . . there is no excess fat here. You open a page, Hernandez’s characters pull you in immediately with their self-assured and friendly voices. And then, before you know it, the stories are over, leaving you both quite satisfied, and desiring more.
5 May 2017
What Chasing the Stars really takes from Othello is a series of emotional beats, deployed in various (and variously effective) ways.
3 May 2017
The words you speak are a, perhaps the, key manifestation of who you are, so change the manner of your saying and you change the manner of yourself. Tawada is a Japanese-German author who's won major awards in both languages over the last few decades, and so is perhaps more aware of this situation than most.
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