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14 Dec 2018
Likeable characters help elevate The Dragon Prince above its generic narrative premise.
12 Dec 2018
These stories reverberate with women's voices, voicelessness, and silence.
10 Dec 2018
Apocalypse Nyx, like its title character, is swaggering and brash, bristling with guns and spitting quips. In this collection, Kameron Hurley returns to her debut trilogy, the Bel Dame Apocrypha, with five new novellas featuring Nyxnissa so Dasheem, commonly called Nyx. Nyx is a mercenary in Nasheen, which is at war with neighboring Chenja. This isn't Earth – there are two suns in the sky, there are magicians and shapeshifters, and technology is based on the use of insects. Nyx isn't a magician or a shapeshifter, but she does have a preternatural aptitude for survival. She served in the war, became a government assassin, and then went to prison.
30 Nov 2018
Behind this style is something which suggests that Mary Shelley knew very well what she was doing when she adopted the Gothic.
28 Nov 2018
A Glimmer of Silver subverts some of the basic tropes of the first contact tradition. Here is a human colony that takes its responsibility as a guest with punctilious seriousness.
26 Nov 2018
However, what I kept wanting from The Loosening Skin was a sure idea of how the inevitability of molting shifted human society and relationships askew from how we know them in our own world.
23 Nov 2018
Who decides if a story is worth telling—the writer or the filmmaker; the producer or the bank?
21 Nov 2018
In Tieryas’s two novels, the state is so monolithic as to be nearly inalterable; this makes for a shockingly nihilistic critique of the sort of individualism that rules so much of liberal leftist thinking about how to bring about social change.
19 Nov 2018
The Breath of the Sun is that rare fantasy novel that reminds us that stakes in this genre don't have to be world-destroying or matters of high politics.
16 Nov 2018
On the whole, these pieces tend to tap the same stream which quenches most modern Anglo-American Fantastika.
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