Table of Contents | 1 August 2005
"In twenty to thirty years science fiction bookshelves will be gone. It will only be mystery, horror, and literature. Here in Japan, I am afraid the bookshelves themselves will be gone."
My collection of Barbie dolls, Barbie cars, Barbie clothes and Barbie shoes was rivaled only by my collection of Star Wars action figures, Star Wars spaceships, Star Wars posters, Star Wars records, and the Star Wars Ewok Village from Endor.
guarded indifferently / by deer, ducks, and flamingoes,
Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate , page 23 of 24. A serialized graphic novel.
Even so, we kept our guard up. Who knew what new diseases they might have developed, up in the sky and surrounded by strangeness? Infected blankets. Germs as spears and arrows. Accept no gifts from them , the griots had warned, but of course people are greedy.
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