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The Worldcons are home to The Hugo Awards , an annual process whereby—the cynics would have you believe—science fiction fandom as represented by members of the current and previous Worldcons collectively produces shortlists that fail to identify the best genre achievements of the previous calendar year. Everybody then expends an enormous amount of wordage discussing these lists, before Worldcon members proceed to give the awards themselves to the wrong works. Less cynically, they're one of the most well-known and easily the longest-established awards for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy.
The cobbled / street under his paws was a slice / of Victoria, a pocket of time trapped / beneath the bridge, older than I, / and grittier.
Princess Bite learned to skate as she learned how to walk. Lady Push Comes to Shove and Princess Bite would hurtle around the track so fast it felt like flying. They skated together every day until Lady Shove's illness made it too difficult and painful.
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