Table of Contents | 11 February 2008
I don't think to myself "Ah, today is a cat day." when I wake up, but sometimes I think "Ah, today was a cat day." when I go to sleep. (It can be very frustrating to have a dragon day when you need to draw a cat.)
Tolkien's choice of foods reflect his concept of the ancient Middle-earth chronology. These descriptions can also provide insights into Tolkien's underlying theme of the Hobbits as nostalgic English yeomen.
a comet glitters / like gunpowder,
I don't remember which attempt it was, how many people I had been so far. But this time I was Pam, a girl who worked at the bookstore in Deena's neighborhood. Pam, whose hair was the same color as her skin, a monochromatic honey shade that would have been boring and dreary on other people but looked delicious on Pam. I was reasonably sure that if Deena didn't love me anymore, she would love Pam.
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