Table of Contents | 14 November 2005
Stephanie Rodriguez is an award-winning illustrator. Creating art is her passion in life!
"I don't sit around defining my poetic leanings. But I have read a lot of folklore, which redefines the way I see the world...[o]r underlines it anyway."
I'm sorry, but if an embryonic Clint Howard is going to kit himself out in sparkly go-go boots and pants and start reclining on silky pillows, when he offers me a drink, it sure as HELL better be chock-full of mind-erasing alcohol!
Strange Horizons
Tiger lilies for me, their petals dusted with black pollen / Like a moth's shadow
Bearing Witness (Part 1 of 2) 
The biohazard bag floated by her knee. She pushed the pipettes in and zipped it shut. "Twenty more to go, and I don't have to run an experiment to tell you they'll turn out nonviable."
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