Table of Contents | 14 September 2015
Harley is rinsing the blood from his instruments when he hears a banging from upstairs. He pauses, hands dripping, and when the sound persists, shuts off the tap and leaves the bone saw in the inch of water swirling pinkly down the drain.
I’m a very goofy person, but a fan of horror, so it’s hard for one or the other not to slip into something I’m working on.
Like millions of other gamers around the world, I am a tremendous fan of the Dragon Age series.
This year is a big one: a big anniversary, a big target, and a potentially big change to the way we do things. (At last, there will be Strange Horizons ebooks!)
I could travail alone, / scavenging flotsam from every / shipwrecked dream.
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Jei D. Marcade's "The World in Evening."
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