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Saying that all Superman stories qualify as science fiction wouldn't be entirely accurate, despite the presence of science fiction motifs and conventions. Many of them are traditional adventure stories, or perhaps more appropriately classified as sci-fi, since many of them choose not to explore themes related to human nature or the "something more" that many writers insist as a component of true science fiction.
I come from fantasyland. To outsiders, it might be Middle-Earth, or Narnia, and (the Hollywood rumours say) Azeroth; exotic imagined locales. But it gets annoying to be enthusiastically complimented on the beauty of your country by the phrase, "It looks just like the movies!" No. The movie landscapes look like home.
At night they plaited mythic baskets. / Four worlds ago they tunneled up / ant people pouring from earth's navel. / The world they earned we live in now,
The goblin watching me from the bleachers has been watching me all my life. He's short, about five feet two inches, and he dresses impeccably, wearing a full tuxedo most days. His eyes are yellow with no whites, and hungry.
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