Table of Contents | 16 May 2005
In the Year of the Rat, the girl-child Chyou became high priestess of rodents. They made her a cloak from the fur of white mice and wove beaded rat tails into her long black hair.
"I've been intrigued by all issues of the spirit ... but I find that lots of people who say they have no faith per se are still deeply spiritual beings, fascinated by those things we can't explain, even by death."
Inspiration strikes in a wealth of ways, and there are just as many methods of applying that inspiration.
It's a Saturday night / at the Accelerator Club.
Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate , page 12 of 24. A serialized graphic novel.
But when it came it came suddenly, sweeping across Hippolyta in less than a year, in its progress less like a disease than like a curse. It defied drugs and vaccines and quarantines, brushing past exploration-grade immune enhancements as if they were so many scented medieval nosegays.
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